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Package Name Description
Echo-1.0A generic ecosystem population growth model
GAucsd-1.4A genetic algorithm package
Glife-0.2.1N artificial life implementation using GNOME
NeoCognitron-1.0A hierarchical self-organising feedforward neural network
NeurDS-3.1Neural Design and Simulation System
NevProp-1.6Easy to use feedforward backpropagation program
aiparts-1.1.1A staff-scheduling program written in C++
am-6.0The Aspirin/MIGRAINES neural network simulation environment
atree-2.0Adaptive logic network simulation software
bugworld-0.0.1An exciting Genetic Algorithm for Zoologists and Ecologists
cluster-2.9Hierarchical Cluster and Principal Component Analysis
dblife-10.10A terminal or X11 based game of life
dblife-10.12A terminal or X11 based game of life
dblife-10.2A terminal or X11 based game of life
dblife-8.3A terminal or X11 based game of life
gNiall-0.7.1An intelligent language learning program
gaul-0.1836The Genetic Algorithm Utility Library
hodge-0.99jCellular automata that resemble chemical reactions
hst-1.0A new Hopfield-style network simulator
lee-1.3Latent Energy Environments software package
libneural-1.0Simple Backpropagation Neural Network implementation
ltree-1.0Constructive induction on continuous spaces
mozg-0.4.3A fast and flexible neurolibrary
neuralnet-2.0Motif neural net package
nnw-0.03A new faster way of thinking about AI
roxanne-2.4Read Only X Window Artificial Neural Network Emulator
scsc-1.3jGAs in Search, Optimization and Machine Learning
snns-4.2Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator
workforc-1.3.0A staff-scheduling program written in C++
xnbc-9.107Prog to simulate biological neural networks