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Maths/Misc Category

This category contains miscellaneous mathematics packages. It mainly consists of libraries. The package GAP is quite big. Therefore you can take ALTERNATIVELY the whole one called: 'gap.all.' OR the split version marked by: 'gap.*.'.

Package Name Description
CLIB-0.2An equational theorem prover based on PROLOG
Calc-2.11.0t10.1A calculator that uses a C-like language
GAc-1.0Simple system for experimentation in Genetic Algorithms
add-970526Curses full-screen editing calculator
admesh-0.95A program for processing triangulated solid meshes
aribas-1.59An interpreter suitable for big integer arithmetic
arith-1.0Library of C functions for global fields
basop-1.2Black and Scholes financial Calulator
bbjd-1.01Black Jack strategy calculation tools
bcalc-0.0.2A simple GTK bases calculator
bugsx-1.08A program to display and evolve biomorphs
chernikov-1.0Program to compute stochastic webs
complex-1.1Library for complex run-time support
cvode-1.0A set of library functions for differential equations
defunc-1.3A portable C library for runtime function construction
e4graph-1.0a4A C++ library and TCL Binding for structures
eigen-1.01aLibrary for calculating eigenvalues
euler-4.10Euler is a numerical maths program
factor-1.0The program will compute the prime factors of any number
fdlibm-5.1A C double precision maths library
fudgit-2.41FUDGIT is a double-precision multi-purpose fitting program
gap-3.3A system for computational discrete algebra
geg-1.0.2A simple mathematical equation grapher
genesis-5.0The GENEtic Search Implementation System
gforge-1.3aA Graphical Fractal Forgery program
gmp-5.0.5GNU library for arbitrary precision arithmetic
gmp-6.1.2GNU library for arbitrary precision arithmetic
gmp-6.2.0GNU library for arbitrary precision arithmetic
gmp-6.3.0GNU library for arbitrary precision arithmetic
grace-5.1.22GRaphing, Advanced Computation and Exploration of data
grace-5.1.25GRaphing, Advanced Computation and Exploration of data
grapher3d-3.0aA maths program to generates 3D surfaces
grpn-1.1.0An RPN calculator for the X Window system
hf_lab-0.90HF-Lab generates heightfields for landscapes and surfaces
hmmer-2.1.2Profile HMM methods for sensitive database searches
ibg-1.3A grid generation and geometry description package
libga-1.00A library for implementing genetic algorithms
macaulay-3.0Algebraic geometry and commutative algebra
mapm-3.85Its full name is My Arbitrary Precision Math library
mcsim-4.2.0A simulation engine for Biochemists
morph-4.2Tool for image analysis and enhancement
pgapack-1.0A general-purpose, parallel genetic algorithm library
prngd-0.9.29Pseudo Random Number Generator Daemon
quickcalc-1.26An interactive command line calculator
randlib-1.3C library routines for Random Number Generation
rjenkins-1.0Computation of the HOMFLY polynomial
rolldice-1.4Rolldice is a simple dice program
triangle-1.3A Two-Dimensional Quality Mesh Generator
vis5d-5.1Visualises data made by numerical weather models
xfarbe-2.1This is a contouring program for iso-lines
xlispstat-3.52.9A statistical environment based on the Lisp language XLISP
xthing-1.0A tool for Visualization of 3D data in 2D
ycalc-1.09.1An enhanced X Window Calculator