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HP-UX 11i v3
(HP-UX 11.31)
Itanium 2
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Packages added to the archive in the last 7 days:

Package Date added Description
php-8.0.1117:34 24 SepWeb development scripting language that is HTML-embeddable
curl-7.79.111:45 24 SepA command line tool for transferring data
xterm-36910:12 24 SepA terminal emulator for the X Window System
mtools-4.0.3509:39 23 SepA group of programs that allows access to DOS floppies
curl-7.79.012:34 22 SepA command line tool for transferring data
sudo-1.9.8p112:34 22 SepPackage to allow commands to be run as the superuser
fftw-3.3.1010:15 20 SepThe Fastest Fourier Transform in the West
imlib2-1.7.410:14 20 SepImage handling library
libgd-2.3.310:14 20 SepA graphics library for creating GIF and PNG files
fetchmail-6.4.2210:14 20 SepRemote mail retrieval and forwarding utility
links-2.2410:14 20 SepLynx-like alternative character mode WWW browser


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