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Packages currently being ported:

Package name New version Current version Porting started Package description
apache2.4.412.4.3915:05 20 AugThe world's most popular Web server software
harfbuzz1. 20 AugAn OpenType text shaping library used by pango
postgresql11.511.412:00 20 AugA sophisticated object-relational database


Packages being built for archive inclusion today:

HP-UX 11i v3
(HP-UX 11.31)
Itanium 2
HP-UX 11i v3
(HP-UX 11.31)
apache-2.4.41 Building
since 15:28
since 15:23
harfbuzz-1.7.4 Queued
since 15:23
since 15:23
harfbuzz-1.7.7 Queued
since 15:24
since 15:24


Successfully built packages awaiting archive inclusion today:

Package name New version Current version Built Package description
postgresql11.511.415:15A sophisticated object-relational database
postgresql11.411.412:32Old version to be deleted


Packages added to the archive in the last 7 days:

Package Date added Description
git-2.23.010:53 20 AugA fast, scalable, distributed revision control system
readline-8.0.00117:11 16 AugA command line editing and history recall library
gnuplot-5.2.716:05 14 AugA command-driven interactive function plotting program
ImageMagick- 13 AugAn X11 package for display and manipulation of images


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