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The 100 latest packages for HP-UX 11i


Date Package Name Description
Wed 23 May python-2.7.15 A sophisticated interpreted OOP language
Tue 22 May wcd-6.0.2 Wherever Change Directory chdir extension
Tue 22 May dblife-10.10 A terminal or X11 based game of life
Tue 22 May abiword-2.8.6 Flexible word processor that can handle many formats
Mon 21 May gegl-0.2.0 GEneric Graphics Library image processing framework
Mon 21 May babl-0.1.10 A dynamic any-to-any pixel format translation library
Mon 21 May curl-7.60.0 A command line tool for transferring data
Fri 18 May mpdist-3.7.1 PostScript pretty printer (written in C++) for text files
Fri 18 May analog-6.0.13 Analyses Web server logfiles
Fri 18 May rpl-1.4.1 Replaces replace strings in multiple files
Fri 18 May asp2php-0.77.3 ASP to PHP converter
Fri 18 May txt2man-1.5.6 Converts flat ASCII text to man page format
Fri 18 May libidn2-2.0.5 Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications (IDNA)
Thu 17 May nano-2.9.7 The editor formerly known as TIP
Mon 14 May postgresql-10.4 A sophisticated object-relational database
Mon 14 May libgpg_error-1.31 Error codes and handling for GNU encryption packages
Mon 14 May libidn-1.35 Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications (IDNA)
Mon 14 May xterm-333 A terminal emulator for the X Window System
Mon 14 May links-2.16 Lynx-like alternative character mode WWW browser
Wed 9 May wget-1.19.5 Retrieve files from Web sites
Tue 8 May glimpse-4.18.6 Glimpse is an indexing and query system
Wed 2 May filepp-1.8.0 A generic file preprocessor
Wed 2 May uucp-1.07 This is the complete source code for a Unix UUCP package
Wed 2 May ripmime- Program to extract attachments from mail
Wed 2 May mpack-1.6 Mpack is utility for encoding and decoding binary files
Wed 2 May freetype-2.9.1 Free font engine for TrueType fonts
Tue 1 May libmemcached-0.48 Library and utilities to work with memcached
Tue 1 May a2ps-4.14 The GNU Any to PostScript filter program
Tue 1 May beaver-0.4.1 A text editor based on the GTK+ toolkit
Tue 1 May gail-1.22.3 Accessibility support for gtk+ and libgnomecanvas
Tue 1 May sudo-1.8.23 Package to allow commands to be run as the superuser
Mon 30 Apr xpdf-3.04 A viewer for Portable Document Format (PDF) files
Mon 30 Apr t1lib-5.1.2 Library to generate bitmaps from Adobe (TM) Type 1 fonts
Mon 30 Apr garlic-1.5 Free molecular visualisation program for Unix
Mon 30 Apr swish_e-2.4.7 Simple Web Indexing System for Humans - Enhanced
Fri 27 Apr php-5.6.36 Web development scripting language that is HTML-embeddable
Fri 27 Apr whichman-2.4 Search utility for man pages
Fri 27 Apr gnuplot-5.2.2 A command-driven interactive function plotting program
Fri 27 Apr pigz-2.4 Multi-threaded version of the gzip compression program
Tue 24 Apr iperf-3.5 A tool for measuring Internet bandwidth performance
Mon 23 Apr cgoban-1.9.14 Complete Goban is a computerized go board
Mon 23 Apr ftpproxy-2.1.0.beta5 An FTP proxy server
Mon 23 Apr SDL_mixer-1.2.12 A simple multi-channel audio mixer
Mon 23 Apr SDL_image-1.2.12 Sample Image Loading Library for SDL programmers
Mon 23 Apr openssl-1.0.2o Cryptography toolkit implementing SSL and TLS
Sun 22 Apr depothelper-2.20 Installation and uninstallation helper for archive depots
Fri 20 Apr smpeg-0.4.5 SDL MPEG player library
Fri 20 Apr SDL_ttf-2.0.11 SDL TrueType font support library
Fri 20 Apr esound-0.2.41 Mixes audio streams for playback by a single device
Fri 20 Apr audiofile-0.2.7 An SGI Audio Filelibrary
Fri 20 Apr apr_util-1.6.1 Additional routines for the Apache Portable Runtime library
Thu 19 Apr SDL-1.2.15 A free cross-platform multi media development API
Thu 19 Apr libmikmod- A portable sound library for Unix
Thu 19 Apr zsh-5.5 Shell combining the best of ksh and csh into one
Thu 19 Apr splint-3.1.2 Tool for checking security and coding mistakes
Thu 19 Apr openldap-2.4.46 Client-server protocol for accessing a directory service
Thu 19 Apr cups_filters-1.15.0 Printer filters for CUPS
Thu 19 Apr subversion-1.10.0 Version control system similar to CVS
Wed 18 Apr python-2.7.14 A sophisticated interpreted OOP language
Wed 18 Apr pcre-8.42 Perl-compatible regular expression libraries
Wed 18 Apr rsync-3.1.3 A replacement for rcp that has many more features
Tue 17 Apr mutt-1.9.5 An email client
Tue 17 Apr shtool-2.0.8 The GNU Portable Shell Tool
Tue 17 Apr gucharmap-2.32.1 Gusharmap is the GNOME Character Map
Tue 17 Apr sgrep-1.94a Sgrep is a tool for querying almost any kind of text file
Tue 17 Apr Xdialog-2.3.1 Replacement for the dialog or cdialog programs
Mon 16 Apr htmldoc-1.9.3 Convert HTML files to PDF or PostScript
Mon 16 Apr enchant-1.6.0 Enchant appears to be a generic spell checking library
Fri 13 Apr bash-4.4.19 The GNU Project's Bourne Again SHell
Thu 12 Apr curl-7.59.0 A command line tool for transferring data
Thu 12 Apr libssh2-1.8.0 A library implementing the SSH2 protocol
Thu 12 Apr md5-1.00 Calculate a message-digest fingerprint for a file
Thu 12 Apr goffice-0.10.9 Document handling library
Thu 12 Apr GConf-2.22.0 A configuration database system
Thu 12 Apr wv-1.2.9 Microsoft Word to HTML and LaTeX converter
Thu 12 Apr fribidi-0.19.7 A free implementation of the Unicode BiDi algorithm
Thu 12 Apr imlib2-1.4.4 Image handling library
Thu 12 Apr di-4.46 Highly portable disk information utility
Mon 9 Apr git-2.17.0 A fast, scalable, distributed revision control system
Fri 6 Apr most-5.0.0a Most a paging program displays one windowful at a time
Fri 6 Apr xbill-2.1 A Motif-based game to stop little men installing Wingdows
Fri 6 Apr gqview-2.0.4 Image viewer for Unix
Fri 6 Apr fltk- The Fast Light Tool Kit
Fri 6 Apr nedit-5.7 GUI text editor for workstations with X Windows and Motif
Thu 5 Apr wireshark-2.4.6 A network traffic analyzer for Unix
Thu 5 Apr arc-5.21p Archive utility compatible with IBM PC and Atari ST Arc
Wed 4 Apr sed-4.5 A stream editor that uses POSIX regular expressions
Wed 4 Apr multitail-6.4.2 Tail multiple files in one window using ncurses
Wed 4 Apr gftp-2.0.19 Graphical FTP client
Wed 4 Apr cracklib-2.9.6 A library to check user passwords
Wed 4 Apr openssh-7.7p1 A suite of network connectivity tools
Tue 3 Apr libidn-1.34 Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications (IDNA)
Thu 29 Mar mdk-1.2.9 MIX Development Kit for MIXAL programs
Thu 29 Mar cxref-1.6e A C Cross Referencing and documenting tool
Thu 29 Mar cproto-4.7m Generate C function prototypes from C source code
Thu 29 Mar cvs-1.11.23 Extended release and revision control system
Wed 28 Mar webalizer-2.23.08 A web server log file analysis program
Wed 28 Mar bonnie++-1.04 Hard drive performance benchmark
Wed 28 Mar xmahjongg-3.7 An ancient Chinese board game
Wed 28 Mar cups-2.2.7 The Common UNIX Printing System