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The 100 latest packages for HP-UX 11i


Date Package Name Description
Thu 23 Nov p11_kit-0.23.9 Provides a way to load and enumerate PKCS#11 modules
Thu 23 Nov nettle-3.4 A low-level cryptographic library
Wed 22 Nov php-5.6.32 Web development scripting language that is HTML-embeddable
Mon 20 Nov nano-2.9.0 The editor formerly known as TIP
Sun 12 Nov time-1.8 Time is a program that measures many of the CPU resources
Sat 11 Nov postgresql-10.1 A sophisticated object-relational database
Mon 6 Nov snprintf-2.2 A portable implementation of snprintf species
Mon 6 Nov openssl-1.0.2m Cryptography toolkit implementing SSL and TLS
Thu 2 Nov git-2.15.0 A fast, scalable, distributed revision control system
Wed 1 Nov lame-3.100 LAME Aint an MP3 Encoder
Wed 1 Nov units-2.16 Gnu unit conversion program
Tue 31 Oct curl-7.56.1 A command line tool for transferring data
Tue 31 Oct apr-1.6.3 Apache Portable Runtime library
Mon 30 Oct apache-2.4.29 The world's most popular Web server software
Fri 27 Oct catdoc-0.95 Translates MS-Word files to plain text
Fri 27 Oct wget-1.19.2 Retrieve files from Web sites
Thu 26 Oct gnushogi-1.4.2 Plays a game of shogi (Japanese chess) against the computer
Thu 26 Oct xmris-4.0.5 A version of the Mr Do video arcade game
Mon 23 Oct units-2.14 Gnu unit conversion program
Mon 23 Oct gifsicle-1.90 A gif viewer and modifier package
Mon 23 Oct FIGlet-2.2.5 Display large characters comprised of normal chars
Mon 23 Oct pcal-4.11.0 Sophisticated Postscript calendar generator
Mon 23 Oct xgalaga- X-based colourful Galaxians-style shoot-em-up
Fri 20 Oct gnugo-3.8 The Gnu game of Wei-Chi (or Go)
Fri 20 Oct pngcrush-1.8.11 Recompresses PNGs to reduce their file size
Fri 20 Oct dhex-0.68 Ncurses-based hex editor with a diff mode
Fri 20 Oct x11perf-1.6.0 X11 server performance test program
Fri 20 Oct gc-7.6.0 A conservative garbage collector for C and C++
Fri 20 Oct gawk-4.2.0 Pattern scanning and processing language (GNU awk)
Thu 19 Oct xdelta3-3.0.11 Xdelta3 is a binary delta generator
Thu 19 Oct npth-1.5 A library providing the GNU Pth API
Thu 19 Oct vttest-20140305 A test suite for VT100 terminals
Wed 18 Oct vile-9.8 Vile is a text editor which is extremely compatible with vi
Wed 18 Oct libgd-2.2.5 A graphics library for creating GIF and PNG files
Wed 18 Oct bvi-1.4.0 An editor for binary files based on vi
Wed 18 Oct ascii-3.18 Recognise many different ways of naming an ASCII character
Tue 17 Oct sharutils-4.15.2 This is the set of GNU shar utilities
Tue 17 Oct tiff2png-0.92 A program to convert tiff files into png files
Tue 17 Oct xvi-2.50.3 A portable multi-file text editor
Tue 17 Oct snort-2.9.11 A libpcap based packet sniffer and logger
Tue 17 Oct libarchive-3.3.2 Multi-format archive and compression library
Mon 16 Oct libdnet-1.12 Portable interface to several low-level networking routines
Mon 16 Oct pbzip2-1.1.13 Parallel bzip2 file compressor
Mon 16 Oct plzip-1.6 Multi-threaded LZMA compressor
Mon 16 Oct diffstat-1.61 Diff output analyser
Mon 16 Oct enscript-1.6.6 Converts text files to PostScript
Mon 16 Oct lzip-1.19 LZMA file compressor
Fri 13 Oct php-5.6.31 Web development scripting language that is HTML-embeddable
Fri 13 Oct libmcrypt-2.5.8 A thread-safe encryption library
Fri 13 Oct ijs-0.35 Protocol library for the transmission of raster page images
Fri 13 Oct aalib-1.4.0 A low level ASCII art graphics library
Fri 13 Oct cppunit-1.12.1 C++ port of the JUnit framework for unit testing
Thu 12 Oct moe-1.9 A powerful and user-friendly text editor
Wed 11 Oct ghostscript-9.14.1 A program for PostScript and PDF previewing
Wed 11 Oct apache-2.4.28 The world's most popular Web server software
Wed 11 Oct mysql-5.1.73 Open Source SQL database
Tue 10 Oct libmng-2.0.3 The Multiple image network graphic library
Tue 10 Oct lame-3.99.5 LAME Aint an MP3 Encoder
Tue 10 Oct fetchmail-6.3.26 Remote mail retrieval and forwarding utility
Tue 10 Oct tinyproxy-1.8.4 An small HTTP proxy server
Mon 9 Oct jed-0.99.19 An editor based on the S-Lang programming language
Mon 9 Oct joe-4.5 Text-based screen editor
Mon 9 Oct tcptrace-6.6.7 A TCP connection log analysis tool
Mon 9 Oct pstree-2.39 A utility to produce textual tree of running processes
Fri 6 Oct lbzip2-2.5 Multi-threaded bzip2 compression program
Fri 6 Oct lzop-1.04 A file compressor similar to gzip
Fri 6 Oct ed-1.14.2 A line-oriented text editor
Fri 6 Oct scrub-2.6.1 Write patterns on a disk or file to securely erase data
Thu 5 Oct aspell_en-1708 English dictionaries for the aspell package
Thu 5 Oct di-4.44 Highly portable disk information utility
Thu 5 Oct opus-1.2.1 A codec for interactive speech and audio transmission
Thu 5 Oct xterm-330 A terminal emulator for the X Window System
Thu 5 Oct openssh-7.6p1 A suite of network connectivity tools
Thu 5 Oct jasper-1.900.29 JPEG 2000 image handling library
Wed 4 Oct fox-1.6.55 A C++ based Toolkit for developing GUIs
Wed 4 Oct diffutils-3.6 GNUs diff, which shows the difference between 2 files
Wed 4 Oct plotutils-2.6 The GNU plotting utilities package and libraries
Wed 4 Oct cpio-2.12 A program to manage archives of files
Wed 4 Oct pth-2.0.7 A portable threads library for Unix platforms
Mon 2 Oct tiff-4.0.8 Graphics library for the manipulation of TIFF image files
Mon 2 Oct lcms2-2.8 A colour management library
Mon 2 Oct texinfo-6.5 GNU documentation system
Mon 2 Oct lcms-1.19 Portable colour management library
Mon 2 Oct Mesa-7.4.4 A 3D graphics library with an API similar to OpenGL
Fri 29 Sep pigz-2.3.4 Multi-threaded version of the gzip compression program
Fri 29 Sep fribidi-0.19.7 A free implementation of the Unicode BiDi algorithm
Fri 29 Sep proftpd-1.3.6 Configurable FTP daemon for UNIX systems
Thu 28 Sep calc-1.02 A BASIC-style expression evaluator
Thu 28 Sep aspell- Spell checker that can replace ispell
Thu 28 Sep jbigkit-2.1 A library of compression and decompression functions
Wed 27 Sep binutils-2.29.1 GNU binary utilities
Wed 27 Sep tcsh-6.20.00 C shell with filename completion and command line editing
Wed 27 Sep glpk-4.63 The GNU Linear Programming Kit
Wed 27 Sep byacc-20170709 Berkeley Yacc is an LALR(1) parser generator
Tue 26 Sep daq-2.0.6 Data Acquisition library for packet I/O
Tue 26 Sep tcpdump-4.9.2 A tool for network monitoring and data acquisition
Tue 26 Sep groff-1.22.3 GNU document formatting system written in C++
Tue 26 Sep help2man-1.47.5 A utility to create simple man pages
Fri 22 Sep rrdtool-1.7.0 Data logger and analysis tool
Fri 22 Sep libtar-1.2.20 Library for manipulating tar files from within C programs