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The 100 latest packages for HP-UX 11i


Date Package Name Description
Fri 22 Sep rrdtool-1.7.0 Data logger and analysis tool
Fri 22 Sep libtar-1.2.20 Library for manipulating tar files from within C programs
Fri 22 Sep intltool-0.51.0 Scripts to aid gettext translation
Fri 22 Sep neon-0.30.2 An HTTP and WebDAV client library
Thu 21 Sep netcat-1.10 Network connection checking program for TCP or UDP
Thu 21 Sep mawk- Pattern scanning and text processing language
Thu 21 Sep swig-3.0.12 Integrates scripting languages with C
Thu 21 Sep ncftp-3.2.6 A file transfer program superior to FTP
Wed 20 Sep findutils-4.6.0 Search for files in a directory hierarchy
Wed 20 Sep slang-2.3.1a A multi-platform programmer's library
Wed 20 Sep oniguruma-6.6.1 A regular expression library
Wed 20 Sep libassuan-2.4.3 Library to interact with a non-persistent server
Tue 19 Sep memcached-1.5.1 High performance memory object caching system
Tue 19 Sep p7zip-16.02 UNIX port of the Windows 7-Zip compression suite
Tue 19 Sep libksba-1.3.5 Library for creating X509 certificates
Tue 19 Sep patch-2.7.5 Applies diffs to files to reproduce new versions
Mon 18 Sep freetype-2.8.1 Free font engine for TrueType fonts
Mon 18 Sep libevent-2.1.8 Programmers library to handle specific events
Mon 18 Sep hexedit-1.4.2 An nurses-based hex editor
Mon 18 Sep fftw-3.3.6.pl2 The Fastest Fourier Transform in the West
Fri 15 Sep grep-3.1 Print lines matching a generalised regular expression
Fri 15 Sep less-487 Dual direction pager program, similar to more
Fri 15 Sep replace-2.24 Replace ASCII or hex strings in text or binary files
Fri 15 Sep dialog-1.3.20170509 A program for shell programming that implements dialogs
Thu 14 Sep gsoap-2.8.53 Client and server Web service toolkit
Thu 14 Sep ntp-4.2.8p10 The Network Time Protocol distribution for Unix
Thu 14 Sep libxslt-1.1.30 Up-to-date XSLT support for libxml2
Thu 14 Sep libxml2-2.9.5 XML C parser and toolkit
Thu 14 Sep libXpm-3.5.12 Package for manipulating X pixmaps
Wed 13 Sep gzip-1.8 Compress or decompress files using the Lempel-Ziv algorithm
Wed 13 Sep GeoIP-1.6.11 Library to find geographical and network info of an IP
Wed 13 Sep logrotate-3.12.3 Log management tool for sysadmins
Wed 13 Sep gzip-1.8 Compress or decompress files using the Lempel-Ziv algorithm
Wed 13 Sep openssh-7.5p1 A suite of network connectivity tools
Tue 12 Sep tcp_wrappers-7.6 The TCP/IP network services wrapper package
Tue 12 Sep lzlib-1.9 LZMA compression and decompression library
Tue 12 Sep expect-5.45 Allows programmed dialogue with interactive programs
Tue 12 Sep mpfr-3.1.6 The Multiple Precision Floating Point Reliable Library
Mon 11 Sep nss-3.32 Network Security Services (NSS) libraries
Mon 11 Sep libcroco-0.6.11 A CSS2 parsing and manipulation library
Mon 11 Sep rsync-3.1.2 A replacement for rcp that has many more features
Mon 11 Sep sudo-1.8.21p2 Package to allow commands to be run as the superuser
Fri 8 Sep nettle-3.3 A low-level cryptographic library
Fri 8 Sep wget-1.19.1 Retrieve files from Web sites
Fri 8 Sep gnutls-3.6.0 A TLS and Secure Sockets Layer implementation
Fri 8 Sep libidn2-2.0.4 Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications (IDNA)
Fri 8 Sep p11_kit-0.23.8 Provides a way to load and enumerate PKCS#11 modules
Fri 8 Sep isl-0.16.1 Thread-safe library for manipulating sets
Thu 7 Sep mpc-1.0.3 A multi-precision complex arithmetic library
Thu 7 Sep tusc-8.1 Traces the system calls a process invokes in HP-UX 11
Thu 7 Sep tcpdump-4.9.1 A tool for network monitoring and data acquisition
Thu 7 Sep atk-2.24.0 ATK is the Accessibility Toolkit
Thu 7 Sep jpeg-9.2.0 Image de/compression package using the JPEG standard
Wed 6 Sep nano-2.8.7 The editor formerly known as TIP
Wed 6 Sep subversion-1.9.7 Version control system similar to CVS
Wed 6 Sep sqlite-3.20.1 SQLite is an embedded SQL database engine
Wed 6 Sep serf-1.3.9 A high-performance asynchronous HTTP client library
Wed 6 Sep apr_util-1.6.0 Additional routines for the Apache Portable Runtime library
Wed 6 Sep apr-1.6.2 Apache Portable Runtime library
Tue 5 Sep git-2.14.1 A fast, scalable, distributed revision control system
Tue 5 Sep postgresql-9.6.5 A sophisticated object-relational database
Tue 5 Sep zip-3.0 Archiver and compressor popular on MS-DOS systems
Tue 5 Sep libzip-1.3.0 C library for reading, creating, and modifying zip archives
Tue 5 Sep file-5.32 A new version of the standard file command
Mon 4 Sep regex-0.12 The GNU regular expression functions for programmers
Mon 4 Sep mutt-1.9.0 An email client
Mon 4 Sep coreutils-8.28 GNU core utilities
Fri 1 Sep p11_kit-0.23.2 Provides a way to load and enumerate PKCS#11 modules
Fri 1 Sep unbound-1.6.5 A validating, recursive and caching DNS resolver
Fri 1 Sep sed-4.4 A stream editor that uses POSIX regular expressions
Fri 1 Sep curl-7.55.1 A command line tool for transferring data
Thu 31 Aug openldap-2.4.45 Client-server protocol for accessing a directory service
Thu 31 Aug lzo-2.10 A real-time data compression library
Thu 31 Aug ldns-1.7.0 DNS programming library
Thu 31 Aug libtasn1-4.12 Library to manage Abstract Syntax Notation One structures
Wed 30 Aug automake-1.15.1 An automated Makefile generator
Wed 30 Aug pspp-1.0.1 A program for statistical analysis of sampled data
Wed 30 Aug libgcrypt-1.8.1 General purpose crypto library based on GnuPG code
Wed 30 Aug lsof-4.89 List files, sockets, etc opened by processes
Tue 29 Aug libgpg_error-1.27 Error codes and handling for GNU encryption packages
Tue 29 Aug tar-1.29 GNU version of tar, a tape file archiver
Tue 29 Aug autoconf-2.69 M4 macro configuration and scripting package
Tue 29 Aug libtool-2.4.6 A generic library support script
Sat 26 Aug cyrus_sasl-2.1.26 Cyrus SASL API implementation
Fri 25 Aug heimdal-7.4.0 Free implementation of Kerberos 5
Thu 24 Aug openssl-1.0.2l Cryptography toolkit implementing SSL and TLS
Thu 24 Aug editline-2.9 A line-editing library (especially For rc shell)
Thu 24 Aug flac-1.3.2 Lossless open source audio codec library and utilities
Thu 24 Aug libogg-1.3.2 Ogg bitstream format library
Thu 24 Aug pcre-8.41 Perl-compatible regular expression libraries
Wed 23 Aug gawk-4.1.4 Pattern scanning and processing language (GNU awk)
Wed 23 Aug mpfr-3.1.5 The Multiple Precision Floating Point Reliable Library
Wed 23 Aug pango-1.40.11 A library for layout and rendering of text
Wed 23 Aug harfbuzz-1.4.8 An OpenType text shaping library used by pango
Wed 23 Aug texinfo-6.4 GNU documentation system
Wed 23 Aug cairo-1.14.10 Multi-platform 2D graphics library
Wed 23 Aug pixman-0.34.0 A pixel manipulation library used by cairo
Wed 23 Aug perl-5.10.1 Practical Extraction and Report Language
Tue 22 Aug gsl-2.4 The GNU Scientific Library
Tue 22 Aug python-2.7.13 A sophisticated interpreted OOP language