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Top 100 most popular packages for HP-UX

Popularity Package Name Description
1 gcc-4.2.3 Gnu C, C++ and Java compilers and binutils
2 gettext-0.20.1 Part of the GNU Translation Project
3 php-5.6.40 Web development scripting language that is HTML-embeddable
4 mysql-5.1.73 Open Source SQL database
5 curl-7.67.0 A command line tool for transferring data
6 unzip-6.0 List, test or extract from a ZIP archive file
7 db-6.2.32 Berkeley DB database engine
8 libiconv-1.16 A character set conversion library
9 libunistring-0.9.7 Unicode and C string manipulation library
10 lsof-4.89 List files, sockets, etc opened by processes
11 bash-5.0.011 The GNU Project's Bourne Again SHell
12 scrabble-1.31 No description available
13 xdict-1.0.2 English to German translator for X11
14 termcap-1.3.1 Application programmer interface to the termcap data base
15 readline-8.0.001 A command line editing and history recall library
16 depothelper-2.20 Installation and uninstallation helper for archive depots
17 tusc-8.1 Traces the system calls a process invokes in HP-UX 11
18 texinfo-6.7 GNU documentation system
19 make-4.2.1 GNU make utility to maintain groups of programs
20 wget-1.15 Retrieve files from Web sites
21 zlib-1.2.8 A general purpose compression library based on gzip
22 xcountdown-1.08 A player implementation of the British quiz show
23 libiconv-1.15 A character set conversion library
24 tcltk-8.5.19 Tool Command Language and a Toolkit of widgets
25 sudo-1.8.29 Package to allow commands to be run as the superuser
26 freetype-2.5.2 Free font engine for TrueType fonts
27 libpng-1.6.8 Portable Network Graphics (PNG) library
28 dico-1.1 A French dictionary containing over 100,000 elements
29 openssl-1.0.2t Cryptography toolkit implementing SSL and TLS
30 bzip2-1.0.8 A new block-sorting file compressor
31 fontconfig-2.13.1 Font configuration and customization library
32 expat-2.2.9 A C library for parsing XML
33 wget-1.20.3 Retrieve files from Web sites
34 cyrus_sasl-2.1.26 Cyrus SASL API implementation
35 libtar-1.2.20 Library for manipulating tar files from within C programs
36 zip-3.0 Archiver and compressor popular on MS-DOS systems
37 autoconf-2.69 M4 macro configuration and scripting package
38 gmp-6.1.2 GNU library for arbitrary precision arithmetic
39 glib2-2.34.3 Low-level core library for GTK+ and GNOME
40 regex-0.12 The GNU regular expression functions for programmers
41 gdbm-1.18.1 GNU dbm is a set of database routines
42 ncurses-5.9 A freeware emulation of System V curses
43 file-5.37 A new version of the standard file command
44 popt-1.16 Command line option parsing library
45 libXft-2.3.2 X FreeType library
46 ncurses-6.1 A freeware emulation of System V curses
47 expect-5.45 Allows programmed dialogue with interactive programs
48 editline-2.9 A line-editing library (especially For rc shell)
49 tcpdump-4.5.1 A tool for network monitoring and data acquisition
50 gnutls-3.6.3 A TLS and Secure Sockets Layer implementation
51 zlib-1.2.11 A general purpose compression library based on gzip
52 m4-1.4.18 The traditional Unix macro processor
53 flex-2.6.4 A fast lexical analyser generator
54 subversion-1.10.6 Version control system similar to CVS
55 stars-2.0 No description available
56 stars-1.1 No description available
57 blast-2.0 No description available
58 blast-1.1 No description available
59 postgresql-9.3.2 A sophisticated object-relational database
60 logrotate-3.13.0 Log management tool for sysadmins
61 tar-1.32 GNU version of tar, a tape file archiver
62 libgcc-4.2.3 Minimal run-time needed for gcc/g++/gcj packages
63 gettext- Part of the GNU Translation Project
64 gdb-7.9.1 The GNU source level debugger
65 coreutils-8.31 GNU core utilities
66 replace-2.24 Replace ASCII or hex strings in text or binary files
67 bash-4.3.033 The GNU Project's Bourne Again SHell
68 tcp_wrappers-7.6 The TCP/IP network services wrapper package
69 cstream-3.1.1 A general-purpose stream-handling tool like UNIX' dd
70 perl-5.10.1 Practical Extraction and Report Language
71 libgpg_error-1.36 Error codes and handling for GNU encryption packages
72 libgcrypt-1.8.5 General purpose crypto library based on GnuPG code
73 libxml2-2.9.9 XML C parser and toolkit
74 git- A fast, scalable, distributed revision control system
75 libffi-3.2.1 High level interface library for calling conventions
76 twm-6.4 twm-6
77 yamm-2.6.0 Yet Another Micro Monitor using the curses environment
78 hwloc-2.0.3 Portable Hardware Locality software package
79 gutenprint-5.2.15 A suite of printer drivers for most print spooling systems
80 htmldoc-1.9.7 Convert HTML files to PDF or PostScript
81 knews-1.0b.1 An X-based threaded Usenet news reader
82 samba-3.0.10 The Samba SMB protocol for unix systems
83 procmail-3.22 A mail processing package for Sendmail, smail, etc
84 cftp-0.12 A full screen ftp client
85 libzip-1.3.2 C library for reading, creating, and modifying zip archives
86 python-2.7.6 A sophisticated interpreted OOP language
87 gc-8.0.4 A conservative garbage collector for C and C++
88 gtkxmhtml-1.1.2 HTML-rendering GTK widget library
89 chameleon-1.1.3 Utility for controlling the X root window
90 units-2.19 Gnu unit conversion program
91 gettext- Part of the GNU Translation Project
92 gengetopt-2.23 A command line parser code generation program
93 gawk-5.0.1 Pattern scanning and processing language (GNU awk)
94 findutils-4.7.0 Search for files in a directory hierarchy
95 bison-3.4.2 A GNU parser generator upwardly compatible with yacc
96 libxslt-1.1.33 Up-to-date XSLT support for libxml2
97 bvi-1.4.1 An editor for binary files based on vi
98 cvsgraph-1.7.0 A graphic representation of your CVS repository
99 cvs-1.11.23 Extended release and revision control system
100 cppunit-1.12.1 C++ port of the JUnit framework for unit testing