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 XVIEWGL(1L)                                                     XVIEWGL(1L)
                                12th Mar 1991

      xviewgl - display GRASP library files under X11

      xviewgl [-d del] [-f] [-F] [-i] [-s] [-t] [-x n] [-y n] file [script]

      Where file is either the name of a directory containing an unpacked
      GRASP library, the name of a GRASP library file ending in ".gl", or
      the name of a GRASP script ending in ".txt".  If file is a directory
      or GRASP library name, you may specify script , the name of a script
      to use within the library or directory.  The default is to use the
      first script encountered.

      Xgl is an X11-based viewer for GRASP libraries.  GRASP is an animation
      package popular on IBM PCs. It is a near-complete implementation of
      GRASP V1.10 , with many features from later versions of GRASP.

      In order to see the colors properly, you may need to set input focus
      to xviewglusing the -i option.  The xviewgl window will accept the
      following input in addition to any requested by GRASP files:  <space>
      will pause the animation, <esc> will exit xviewgl , and any other key
      will break out of a single delay.

      -d del
           Sets minimum delay to del hundredths of a second.  This
           option is useful for viewing files designed for viewing on slow

      -F   Attempts to play friendly with the colormap.  Colors
           are allocated from the highest number down so as to
           minimize the diruption of other applications' colors.

      -f   Attempts to "fix up" the aspect ratio according to the
           screen type.

      -i   Install colormap.

      -q     Quiet mode.  Don't beep for sound effects.

      -s   Synchronize display.  For debugging.

      -t   Trace.  Display each line before executing.

      -x n These options allow you to specify x and y scaling factors.
      -y n Only integer values are allowed.

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 XVIEWGL(1L)                                                     XVIEWGL(1L)
                                12th Mar 1991

      Monochrome support is latent, but I don't have a monochrome system, so
      I can't get it working.  Feel free to hack around in windows.c to try
      to get it going.

      I am looking for information on .DFF and BSAVE images.  Any help or
      specifications may lead to my adding support for them.

      I am also interested in adding support for any of the standard
      variables GRASP supports, and for info on commands (like DLOAD and
      PUTDFF) which I don't understand.  Any documentation or command
      descriptions would be helpful.  (I have seen the GRASP v1.10 docs, so
      I don't need them...)

      Brad Daniels <>

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