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xp release 1.1

xp started as a program to simply display stdin in a text widget. 
It takes its name from the "p" file printing program described in
"The Unix Programming Environment" by Kernighan and Pike.
It has grown to be a more general file displayer but I've tried to keep it
simple and useful in shell scripts.

xp incorporates Henry Spencer's implementation of egrep style regular
expression matching. The xp distribution includes that part of the
regexp distribution which it requires.

The Imakefile uses George Ferguson's ( ad2c
to generate a fallback resources file so i've included ad2c in case you
don't have it. The application defaults file itself,, is also
generated by the Imakefile from two files, and, to
allow the help to be held in a convenient form for editing, yet still
be included in the application defaults file and  fallback resources

to build xp say:

make depend

then if you're happy with it:

make install

Note, it's not imperative  to install the application
defaults file since xp uses fallback resources generated from by

If you have problems with the regexp stuff you'd best get the complete
regexp distribution from your local comp.sources.unix archive 
(volume3/regexp volume3/regexp2 volume4/regexp3 volume4/regexp4 

and  follow the instructions found therein.

xp was developed   on  a Sun-4, SunOS 4.1.1 X11R4 & X11R5
and has successfully  been built & run on 

  Sun-3 SunOS 4.1.1  X11R4
  Encore Multimax Umax 4.3 X11R4 & X11R5
  DEC microVax Ultrix V2.2-1 X11R5
  Acorn R260 RiSCIX 1.21 X11R4

Note, on pre-X11R5 systems the size of the text widget displaying a file
is made is slightly larger than is strictly necessary to avoid a bug in
scrolling the text widget when the caret is on the last displayed line.


Could go on forever, possibilities are:

  use user's own shell to execute ! & | commands instead of /bin/sh
  user configurability of command buttons,
  make commands more ed-like,
  options for choice of  fgrep/grep/egrep style searches,
  ability to change font from within xp,
  better support for splitting the window vertically,
  add option to display stdin immediately rather than when EOF reached,
  change list of files to be displayed from within xp,
  multiple top level windows 
  (the latter two points would be for efficiency -
  you can always re-invoke xp via !).	March 1992