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 * Copyright (C) 1992, 1993,1994 Paul D. Hoad 
 * This file is part of the Xmgf Software.
 * For conditions of distribution and use, see the accompanying README file.
 *  Vision Speech and Signal Processing Group .
 *  Dept. of Electronic Engineering.
 *  University of Surrey.
 *  Guildford,
 *  Surrey.
 *  England.
 *  Phone: +44 483 300800 Ext 2753
 *  Email:
	           Xmgf - Release 28/6/94

		Xmgf 3D Interactive gf viewer

Xmgf is an Interactive tool for displaying image
feature files in gf format. Xmgf has a viewing window
and controls over the orientation and focal point of a viewing camera.
Xmgf written in motif is completely interactive and buttons
exist for most command line options.

Xmgf has features to save the current display as postscript and
save the viewing parameters. Xmgf was written to completment xgf
and to add 3D viewing properties. Xmgf also includes some of the
xgf 2D viewing primitives but allows them to be projected onto a plane 
in the third dimension such that the observer can move around and
observe the sets from a new perspective. 

Xmgf has already been used by for 3D surface representation,Model
representation, 3D line detection and viewsphere data representaion.

Xmgf Autoscales images,can have the viewing paramerters stored in a file
produce Xfig and Postscript output as well as Raysahde data files and
PGM, PBM and XBM image outputs.

Xmgf can read other CAD or object file formats via filters. current
These filters do not cover all the features avaliable but they are a start.

Xmgf has Interactive file selection mens to allow greater flexiability 
in finding files. 

		Xmgf is Written by Paul Hoad. Copyright - 92/93/94

			INSTALLATION GUIDE (kind of :-))
            IMPORTANT!!!!!!    COMPRESSION and PRINT commands

Xmgf can load compressed or gzipped files but you may need to alter the 
commands!! :-)
The compression,remove,gzip and print command are all now in the 
application defaults file (src/ The main thing you 
will have to do is edit these , to include your own commands
to the command you use for your compression and uncompression

Also you will need to tell Xmgf where the filter commands are this 
can be done by pointing to the filter commands in or by
adding them to you path using....

set path = ($path /usr/local/Xmgf/bin)

Failure to correctly set the filter path should return an Xmgf error dialog
with error report 11

To make the code You may need to edit the file ./Xmgf.tmpl if you are using 
a Non SunOS or Ultrix system you may need to uncomment the 
#define NOT_SUN_OR_ULTRIX line in Xmgf.tmpl

also if you are using Motif 1.2.X then you will also need
to uncomment the #define MOTIF_1_2_X line in Xmgf.tmpl

Some poeple have been experiencing problems between Motif 1.1  and 1.2
please be patient it just we are using Motif 1.1.4 here and a don't know
the effect of the new release.

firstly type 

> Configure

> xmkmf 

to make the makefile

then type 

>make World

this will make all the makefiles if you've done that once already
and  don't want to go through it all again type  > make Xmgf.

this will make firstly the libraries then make the Xmgf code in the src

> cd src

> Xmgf

move to File menu select "load New Set" load in one of the files in ../examples 
press auto_scale and then re-draw. Have fun!


	if you want to change the default application defaults
	then do so and then do

	> cd src
	> make NewRes
	> make

	It must rebuild well not completely here is a quicky

	> rm Disp3DGF.o
	> make	

	These have now been added into the makefile and so they
	should be made automatically.

	Thank you for getting Xmgf I hope you will find it
	useful and bug free (I shouldn't think so :-( )

	Please accept this software in the correct way!
	this software took some SIX MONTHS+ in my evenings
	to write. I'm not doing this as a job and I'm only 
	a student.  I will try to fix any bugs but my ability 
	is limited so please be patient. If it f**ks up 

	To all those that contributed I'm very greatful.

	If you enjoy Xmgf or find it useful please send me
	an e-mail saying so, incase a user group starts up 
	send me your e-mail and organization name then I 
	could add you straight away.

	If you do find Xmgf useful and feel that this cannot
	go unrewarded please send your donations to the
	following address. I couldn't possible suggest an
	amount, I'll leave it upto those generous people
	out there!! :-) :-) :-)

	Job offers are also welcomed, I can't stay a student
	for ever!

	Paul Hoad
	Tankard Tree Cottage


	Mr P.D. Hoad BEng AMIEE          | Work Phone: +44 483 300800 
	V.S.S.P. Group                   | Fax       : +44 483 34139
	Dept. of Electronic Engineering  | 
	University of Surrey             | 
	GUILDFORD                        | Email     :
	SURREY                           | PostCode  : GU2 5XH 
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