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 /*|//////////////////////////////oOo\\\\\\\\\\\\\\                     XMGF
 - 3D OBJECT VIEWER                         WITH MOTIF FRONT END

                 Copyright (C) 1992, 1993, 1994 Paul D. Hoad
                 This file is part of the Xmgf Software.
 /*|\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\////////////////////*|    Name:            Xmgf    Latest
         Version Number: 2.4.Alpha

 Application    Usage:             3D     CAD     file     format     viewer
 (gf/NFF/OBJ/OFF/RAY/SLA/DXF/MINICAD/IGRIP)          Output  CAD  formats to

 ftp      location:          (      in

 files:                   xmgf.README                   xmgf.Examples.tar.gz

 Disk Usages:         Approx 6Mbytes (whole directory tree)

 Platforms:                       Sun4,DECstation,DEC               Alpha,HP
 9000/710,SGI,Linux,IBMRS6000 model 370

 Xmgf: Needs         X11R4 or later         Motif 1.1.X         Motif  1.2.X
         cc or gcc

 Build Instructions:         type > Confgiure (answer the simple  questions)
         type > xmkmf         type > make World

 QuickRun Instructions:         Xmgf -G

 Author:         Xmgf is Written by Paul Hoad. Copyright - 92/93/94

 Author Address:
         Vision Speech and Signal Processing Group
         University of Surrey

 This E-mail address is valid until 1st October 1994

 Description: Xmgf is an Interactive tool for displaying image feature files
 in  gf  format. Xmgf has a viewing window and controls over the orientation
 and focal point of a viewing camera. Xmgf written in  motif  is  completely
 interactive and buttons exist for most command line options.

 Xmgf was written to complement xgf and to add 3D viewing  properties.  Xmgf
 also  includes  some of the xgf 2D viewing primitives but allows them to be
 projected onto a plane in the third dimension such that  the  observer  can
 move around and observe the sets from a new perspective.

 Xmgf  has  already  been  used  by  for  3D  surface   representation,Model
 representation,  3D  line  detection  data representation, view-sphere data
 representation and depth data representation.

 Xmgf Auto-scales images,can have the viewing parameters stored  in  a  file
 produce  Xfig  and Postscript and MIF output as well as RAYSHADE data files
 and PGM, PBM and XBM SunRaster and GIF image outputs.

 Xmgf has Interactive file selection menus to allow greater  flexibility  in
 finding files.

 Xmgf can read other CAD or object file formats via filters. current formats
 include  NFF/OBJ/OFF/RAY/SLA/DXF/MINICAD/IGRIP.  These filters do not cover
 all the features available but they are a start.

 You should read the README and MAKEBUGS in the tar file to find out what is
 needed to be set before building.

 New Features:

 Xmgf 2.3         html online help         Configure script          Message
 Box  bug fix         Depth Cue Patch Work         Translation step on mouse
 movement now an argument (default 5)

 Xmgf 2.3.1         Resize Code Cracked for  Motif1.2.X          Icon  Panel
 removal  from  command  line  Xmgf  -n fixed         Stereo and Ortho views
 fixed for Motif1.2.X

 Xmgf 2.3.2 (Sorry such a quick release but many  build  problems  with  new
 Configure)          Configure problems         -O -O2 problems CDEBUGFLAS =
 -O by default no  more          GUI.c  Scale  widget  bug  args[n]  problem
         Checked cc build forgot to do before release

 Xmgf  2.3.2.Beta  (Sorry  last  should  have   been   an   alpha   release)
         Pixmaps.c  char  *  unsigned char * problem for SGI         Polygon
 prototype on DrawDot,DrawCircle,etc.. removed

 Xmgf 2.3.3.Alpha         Adrian Hilton  desired  that  autocommand  scripts
 didn't  use  such          memory.  XmgfMalloc  and XmgfFree introducted to
 remove problems         of Malloc MALLOCDEBUG also used for people  wanting
 to trace         malloc problems.

 Xmgf 2.4         Resource minimization. A few bug fixes and now 1000  limit
 anymore on         object translation.