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                      XFBROWS Version 2.1

This is a very nice font-browser under X11.
Why should we still use xlsfont and xfd ?

It should work under nearly every system, 'cause it's programed without
MOTIF, the X11-Toolit or other stupid things, that are always causing problems.
It only needs the X11-library, no matter if you're using Release 3 or Release 4.

You don't have to hack a difficult Imake- or Make-file.
And you will not have trouble with crazy pathnames !!!


If you have imake then enter:

	imake <return>
	make <return>

If you only have make enter:

	make -f <return>


Just copy the resulting file XFBROWS whereever you like too.
Make the man-page by typing

	nroff -man > xfbrows.1

and copy it whereever you will need it.

You can add the file XFBROWS.AD to the file .Xdefaults in your HOME-directory.


If you get problems (not really possible) to compile it or if you have
comments send them to

This tool is specialy made to include it in other utilities (I hate it,
if you have to specify fontnames by typing them in, that should not
happen in X11-applications), so if you do it, please send you're programs
to me. Thank's a lot !!!

The source-code is edited with Tab-Space 4. If you like to hack around in
the source-code, do so. I don't care, if you get problems.

		Have fun	:-)