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 XFBROWS(1)                     X Version 11                      XFBROWS(1)
                                 1 July 1991

      xfbrows - X11 font browser [Version 2.1]

      xfbrows [-display disp] [-iconic]
              [-geometry geom] [-icongeom geom]
              [-bg background] [-fg foreground] [-bw width]
              [-fs fontsubstring]

      Xfbrows is a simple font browser for X11.

      When the window opens, it will display all fonts the server knows in a
      scrollable list.

      Simply click a fontname (or type one in, with wildcard too) and a
      window will come up showing you the font in a scrollable list. Click
      any character in the list to find out the ASCII-value of this
      character. Click the OK-Button to leave this window.

      Clicking ABOUT will display a window showing author and copyright
      information.  Click OK to leave this window.

      You can specify a string to limit the fonts to be included in the list
      by typing this string and clicking the LIMIT-Button.  For example: to
      show only the fonts with "medium" in the name, specify "*medium*" in
      the typing line and then click LIMIT. If the font list is limited, you
      can't select a fontname by typing it's name. Click COMPLETE to
      complete the font list.

      Click QUIT to leave the application.

      Xfbrows accepts all X Toolkit command line options listed below:

      -display    Sets the display to the specified name (Resource name:
                  display, Type: string, Default: none).

      -geometry   Specifies the xfbrows position on the screen. You can't
                  resize the window (Resource name: geometry, Type: string,
                  Default: none).

      -icongeom   Specifies the xfbrows icon position on the screen. Only
                  positive values are excepted, because the size of the icon
                  depends on the window manager (Resource name: icongeom,
                  Type: string, Default: none).

      -fg         Sets the foreground color for the windows (Resource name:
                  foreground, Type: color, Default: black).

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 XFBROWS(1)                     X Version 11                      XFBROWS(1)
                                 1 July 1991

      -bg         Sets the background color for the windows (Resource name:
                  background, Type: color, Default: white).

      -bw         Specifies the border width for the windows (Resource name:
                  borderwidth, Type: digit, Default: 2).

      -iconic     Specifies that xfbrows should start up iconified (Resource
                  name: iconic, Type: boolean, Default: false).

      Xfbrows also accepts the following (non X Toolkit) option:

      -limit      Specifies a string used to limit the fonts to be included
                  in the list.  Note that the asterisks or question marks
                  must be quoted to protect them from the shell. (Resource
                  name: limit, Type: string, Default: "*").

      Xfbrows exits with EOF (-1) if a fatal error occurs, otherwise with
      zero (0).  If an error occurs during an action, a error window is
      coming up explaining the error. Click the OK-Button to continue
      (selected or specified fontnames are then deselected).

      Copyright (c) 1991 by

      Phade Software
      Inh. Frank Gadegast
      Schierker Str. 39
      1000 Berlin 44 GERMANY


      Some fonts are not well defined.  Xfbrows can't dial them properly.

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