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xdart - X distributed Abe's raytracer

xdart works in conjunction with xdartd to render scenes 
in the .art format.  Not all features listed in the ART manual
will work with this program because the version of Abe's raytracer
that was modified to run distributed is very stale but hopefully
functional.  Ordered scanning is the only mode supported.

This raytrace is distributed which means that you can use several machines
working together to render a single image.

Please be sure you know how to use the unix ps and kill commands to kill a
background process before you use this program, and be responsible in killing
daemons you start up.

How to use:

   By default the program is configured to run on a single
   machine which is both the client and server.  To try out 

   go to the xdartd directory and type 

   xdartd &

   go back to the xdart directory and type

How to use multiple servers:

Step 1:

   Figure out which machines you want to be xdart servers and
   add their network address to xdart.servers

   xdart.servers has the following format:

   <port number>
   <server address>
   <server address>
   <server address>

   where port number is any unused legal TCP port and
   the server addresses list the machines you are going to use.
   Illegal names are ignored.

Step 2:

   log into each of the servers and start an xdartd running
   usually just by typing:

   xdartd & 
   in the xdartd directory, be sure that xdartd.clients has the 
   the same port number as xdart.servers and that the machine  
   you will be running xdart on is listed in xdartd.clients

Step 3:



   The image should now render using all the machines in xdart.servers 
   If you quit xdart the daemons will reset and continue to run.  So you
   will not have to fire up the daemons every time you rerun xdart. 

Step 4:

   Be sure to kill all the daemons on all the servers when you are finished
   rendering since they consume system resources.

   To learn how to kill process you put in the background type:

   man ps
   man kill

   Usually I kill xdartd with:

   % ps -aux | grep xdartd      
   spy       1548   0.0  3.0 1.83M  248K p1 SWN   0:00 xdartd
   spy       1556   0.0  2.3 1.31M  192K p2 S N   0:00 grep xdartd
   % kill 1548

More .art files are available via anonymous ftp at in /pub/art_files

Please send comments and suggestions and significant bug reports to:

Abe Megahed                Email address:
Mark Spychalla   Secondary Email address:

Mark Spychalla
University of Wisconsin - Madison