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XbmBrowser (version 5.1)
   A program to allow the user to view a complete directory of X bitmaps
and X pixmaps all in one go, and to perform user defined actions on
these images. If you don't think this is usful, you have never dealt with
a directory of small icon images.

       Copyright   Ashley Roll  and  Anthony Thyssen

Original Program:     Ashley Roll      upto version 3.2
Current Programmer:   Anthony Thyssen  version 4.0 on

This program while available in the X windows Contrib Area, still belongs
to the programmers.  Permission is however given for you to freely copy,
distribute and modify it on the condition that this and all other
copyright notices remain unchanged in all distributions. Modifications
should be forwarded to the Current Programmer (anthony) for inclusion into
the next release.

This software comes with NO warranty whatsoever and no responsibility for
any damages, losses or problems that the program may cause will be taken.

Please also send any interesting user menu additions you come up with to
the current programmer :-

                              Anthony Thyssen  <>



  XbmBrowser   /contrib/utilities/xbmbrowser5.1.tar.gz   /X11/R6/contrib/utilities/xbmbrowser5.1.tar.gz

and all the X archive mirrors. You may also like to get and install the
package before tring to build this program so that it can read and display
Xpixmap files too.

  XPM  (X Pixmap Library)    Coordinator: Arnaud Lehors <>   /contrib/libraries/xpm-3.4f.tar.gz


    README                   - You are reading it!
    Changes                  - History of changes made to xbmbrowser
    OtherUses                - Other Uses people have used xbmbrowser for!           - Online manual for xbmbrowser

    Imakefile                - imake file
    Makefile.std             - the standard make file.
    patchlevel.h             - the current patchlevel.
    xbmbrowser.h             \
    xbmbrowser.c              |
    callbacks.c               |
    user_menu.c                > the 'C' source for xbmbrowser.
    user_functs.c             |
    images.c                  |
    misc.c                   /
    IconLabel.c              \
    IconLabel.h               > IconLabel Widget -- shaped icons with label
    IconLabelP.h             /
    icon.xbm                 - default icon -- resource `pixmap' can override.
    tickbox_on.xbm           \_ menu option tick boxes
    tickbox_off.xbm          /
    filesyms/                - directory of file symbols for non-icon files
    test_icons/              - directory of icons used for testing purposes

  Menus & Application Defaults  - application defaults source file      - The default user menu file (source).  - Default User menu with comments and suggestions
    xbmbrowserrc.anthonys    - My own personal RC file (using AIcons scripts)

  Support Scripts
    xbm-cmd                  \_ Scripts to filter bitmaps and pixmaps
    xbm-resize               /  using the pbmplus filters in your path

  You can download more such support from Anthony's Icon Library


  The man page and the file "" contains information on
the syntax of the new user menu configuration file format.  NOTE: The
Default user menus assume that PbmPlus is available on the users path.

  You can change the default location at which the program expects to find
the default user menu file, either via an appropriate resource setting, or
through the hardcorded resource default in the "Imakefile" or
"xbmbrowser.h".  The default setting is to place the global menu
configuration into normal X11 library directory for your system.

  A personal menu configuration file can be defined by the user, in the
file ".xbmbrowserrc" in the users home directory. I suggest that users
copy the global library file to thier personal rc file, and then make
changes as required.  I myself use a file very simular rc file to the
default global file provided, but using various shell scripts to do
complexe tasks, and with all the rescan()'s removed as I prefer to use the
main button when I want to do a rescan.


  With Imake execute:
     make install

  With normal make execute:
    Edit xbmbrowser.h or the resource file to suit your
    machines setup.
       cp Makefile.std Makefile
    then manually install the xbmbrowser, support scripts, manual, and
    the default user menu, as you require.


    So Xbmbrowser works correctly your will have to tell it where it can
  find its Menu Defaults. This can be done in a number of ways.  Only one
  of these methods is required but you can do any and any as desired.

    Before Making --
      * Edit the Imakefile to specify the directory to find the default
        library menus.
    After Makeing --
      * Specify in the XbmBrowser resources where to find the library
      * Copy the "" file  into your home directory as
        ".xbmbrowserrc".  If xbmbrowser finds this it will use it instead
        of the library default menus.

  I think the last method is the easiest as it does not change the executable.
  Thus if and when xbmbrowser can be installed in the normal X directories
  You do not need to rebuild the executable.

    Build the "xbmbrowser" executable using ``xmkmf; make;'' commands.
  But DO NOT run the "make install" or ``make'' commands.

    Install the XbmBrowser resource (.ad) files into your personal
  application resources directory (renaming without the .ad on the end).
  This directory is pointed to with the Environment variable XAPPRESDIR.

    If this variable is not set then it defaults to your home directory,
  or install the resources into your .Xdefaults or other resource files.
  For more information on resources look at the following WWW document.

  That file is in my ``Tower of Computational Sorcery'' which is part
  of a my ``Medievil Castle Home Page''

Ultrix Machines (Decstations)
    A number of memory faults seems to occur. Both in user menu
  configuration and also in the X Pixmap library. The solution that works
  is to recompile both xbmbrowser AND the X Pixmap library with gcc.

    NOTE: to compile Xpm with gcc, your must set the following Imakefile
  define in the Xpm libraries sub-directory's Imakefile. Or better still
  add it to the /usr/lib/X11/config/Imake.tmpl file with.

  #define LibraryCcCmd gcc

    Noramlly these X Pixmap errors are of no concern to most applications.
  They seem to only happen when a xpm is being freed, either by a call
  from the client program or because the xpm file is invalid. Most
  programs using the Xpm library never free X pixmaps or try to referance
  non-pixmap files.

    Xbmbrowser does both and as such has discovered many faults in the
  X Pixmap Library which has since been corrected.

Linix (PC Unix) 
    Linix machine have the same problems with the pixmap library. In this
  case however the problem seems to do with the Xpm library 3.3,
  distributed with the linux system. Users can get a replacement copy of
  the Xpm library from the linux archive...

  Place in the /usr/X11/lib directory with the old library and recompile


  The following people returned bugs and suggestions for this release
of xbmbrowser. Many thanks to all of them.

  Steve Kinzler   <>         :Recursive Directory Tests
  Shane Watts     <>            :Linix PC 
  Thomas Cooke    <>       :Zero Width/Heigth Xpm Bug
  Bjorn P. Brox   <>                 :Stupid Memory Faults
  Jan Sandquist   <>
  Detlef Schmier  <>             :Simple fix to "None" colors
  Brian Dowling   <>           :Dec Ultrix -- symlinks
  Robert Paulus   <> :HP9000/400
  Richard Lloyd   <>        :HP-UX -- Imake changes
  Bob Friesenhahn <>            :Solaris -- Memory Faults
  Heiko Schroeder <>  :List widget bug
  John Polstra    <>                :SVR4 symlinks
  Amir J. Katz    <>           :Double Click Fault
  Steven Chaplin  <>          :Imake problem on linux
  Reinhard Sy     <>                    :Sony -- include file
  Paul Provost    <>            :README Correction
  Michael Weller  <>   :making global menu global!
  Michael Meissner<>            :new sub var  %D
  Jim Spath       <>     :NetBSD changes
  Peter Klingebiel <> :MIPs changes