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Sims 0.01 - a server for sim, a simple 3d distributed virtual world

Copyright (C) 1995 by Jamie Cameron

This is version 0.01 of the server program for sim, a very simple multiuser
3d world. To use the server, you will need a machine running Unix,
preferably with a fast net connection. The server program manages a world
(or a section of a world), and handles connections from client programs
throughout the net.

So far, I have compiled the server successfully under

	- Irix 5.2 and 5.3              (Silicon Graphics Indy)
	- Ultrix 4.4			(DEC DECstation)
	- OSF/1				(DEC Alpha)
	- SunOS 4.1.3			(Sun Sparcstation)

In order to test the server, you should also download and compile a version
of the sim clients package, available on as sims-0.xx.tar.Z

The sim clients and server are being written for my Computer Science honours
project, so are very experimental :)  If you are using any of the above
systems, then they *should* work. As for anything else... if you get them
working, email me with any changes you had to make or with what went wrong.

You should be able to compile the server just by typing INSTALL, which is
a shell script that runs xmkmf and make. If this works, 4 executables will
be created

	- sims		(The sim server)
	- simskill	(A program for shutting down a server)
	- simsstat	(A program for requesting and displaying server status)
	- simsping	(A program to check if a server is running)

When the sim server is started, it reads in the given map data files and
begins listening for connections from clients. The command line format for
sims is basically :

	sims <mapfile> [-port num]

For example, to start a sim server with the example world provided, you might
type 'sims example/map'.

For more information on using the server, see the web pages

Overview of the sim system and pre-compiled clients

Server user's guide

Version 0.01
 - First release

 - If the server is killed when a client is connected, sometimes the server
   complains that it's socket is already in use for a while when you try to
   restart it.
 - Many others too numerous and horrible to mention.