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This is PixMon-0.3, a pixel graphics backend.

It is intended by the following:

Many people just want to display bitmap data, w/o knowing any details
from X. PIXMON simply expects packages on standard input, starting with 
a header containing rightangle coordinates followed by a color value for 
each point in there.

It is also useful when porting brain damaged PC-software, which directly
writes into the video memory. 


	o Auto-rescale when changing the window size
	o Loadable colormaps, you can display the same data with
	  different colors
	o Autodetect of mono servers, using dithering instead of colors
	o Run length encoding supported


	o No interaction
	o Could be faster
	o No private color maps
	o My first X-program, ugly code :-(

Soon to come:

	PlayMate, the PixMon package animator.


	-dx num
	-dy num
		numbers of dots in x/y-direction

	-width num
	-height num
	-geometry WxH+X+Y
		window geometry

	-scale float-num
		initial number of pixels per dot

	-cmap filename[.cmap]
		path name of a color table

		force dithering even on color servers

		fore/background color (dithering only)

The package header is defined as 

	typedef struct {
        	unsigned short  magic;
	        unsigned short  type;
	        short           x;
	        short           y;
	        unsigned short  dx;
	        unsigned short  dy;
	        unsigned short  sizelo;
	        unsigned short  sizehi;
	} ImgHdr;

		used to determine byte sex, must
		be initialized to PIX_MAGIC

		one of

			Include the pixel data following 
			the header into the picture 
			(without displaying instantly)

			Display the internal PixMap.

			Include the pixel data following 
			the header into the picture 
			and display it instantly

	x, y:
		Position of this package relative to
		the upper-left corner of the window
	dx, dy:
		Width and height (in dots, not in pixels)
		of this package

	sizelo, sizehi:			
		Size of the following pixel data. If
		sizehi*0x10000+sizelo < dx*dy, PixMon
		expects run length encoded data.

Run length encoding:

		If RLE is detected (see above), the value
		PIX_RLE (0xFF) is treated as an escape value,
		so the number of colors is reduced by one.
		To encode your data, use the function rle_encode
		from rle.c.

			char mybuffer[MBSIZE];
			rle_encode(mybuffer, MBSIZE, PIX_RLE);

Color maps:
		PixMon loads a color map on startup time.
		Color map are ASCII files containing up
		256 lines. Each line defines a color's
		red, green and blue intensity (0..255).

		PixMon was developed and tested on SunOS Release 4.1
		and Linux-0.99pl[0-7], both with X11R5. X11R4 servers
		also seem to work. Obsolete X-calls will be replaced, 
		so if it works with X11R3 now, the next release probably

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