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 MPEG2PLAY(1)                                                   MPEG2PLAY(1)
                                 01 Jul 1994

      mpeg2play - X11 player for MPEG2 video streams

      mpeg2play [ -vn ] [ -on ] [ -l ] [ -q ] [ -s ssinfile ] inputfile [
      upperfile ]

      mpeg2play decodes and displays MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video streams on an
      8-bit (or 24-bit) X11 display.

      -vn : Instructs mpeg2play to generate informative output about the
           sequence to stdout. Increasing level (-v1, -v2, etc.) results in
           more detailed output.

      -on : output format (0: X11, 1: none). -o1 is sometimes useful for

      -l : Setting this flag results in repeated display of the sequence.

      -8 : The local version of mpeg2play will use a 24-bit TrueColor visual
           if the display supports it. This flag tells it to stick to 8-bit
           PseudoColor. (This may be useful for images which are too large
           for shared memory to be usable in TrueColor, since using shared
           memory is typically twice as fast as not.)

      -q : Set this switch to suppress output of warnings to stderr. Usually
           a bad idea.

      -s ssinfile : Spatial scalable video is decoded in two passes. The -s
           option specifies the names of the output files from the first
           (lower layer) pass to the second (enhancement layer) pass.
           'ssinfile' describes the name format of the lower layer pictures
           for spatial scalable sequences as a printf format string. It has
           to contain exactly one integer format descriptor (e.g. %d, %02d)
           and, a %c descriptor. The %d descriptor has to be before the %c.
           (See documentation under /home/graphics/mpeg/mpeg2play if you
           need to understand this.)

      infile : name of the file containing the MPEG stream. '-' denotes
           reading the stream from stdin.

      upperfile : is the name of the upper layer bitstream of an SNR
           scalable stream or a data partioning scalable bitstream ('infile'
           is the lower layer).

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