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 HMAN(1)                                                             HMAN(1)

           hman - hypertext like manual.

           hman [xtoolkit-options] [-file fname] [man-options]

      I wrote this piece of software just to give show how to use the
      HyperWidget(3X). It displays an manual page and highlight the
      references to other Unix commands. Clicking on the highlighted text
      will display the new manual page.  You can type the key word/section
      you are looking for in the appropriate text field.  Pressing the enter
      key will then display the new manual page.  If In index toggle is on,
      the display is the output of the man -k .. command.  An history of the
      100 last pages displayed is kept in memory and you can recall theses
      pages with the "<<" and ">>" buttons.  The Other button opens a file
      as a manual page.  The Clone button starts a new copy of hman.  The
      Search button searches a regular expression in the text.

      xtoolkit-options: the standard X/Motif stuff (-display, -xrm ...)
      man-options: use the same option as your local man(1) command.  -file
      filename : reads manual page from file.

      HMan*Hyper*zoomEffect: (on/off, default on) open a new page with a
      "zoom" effect.  HMan*Hyper*zoomSpeed: (integer, default 4) the speed
      of the zoom effect.  HMan*Hyper*highlightFont: (default "fixed") the
      font used for the highlighted text.  HMan*Hyper*normalFont: (default
      "fixed") the font used for the normal text.
      HMan*Hyper*highlightColor: (default "red") the color used for the
      highlighted text.  HMan*Hyper*normalColor: (default "black") the color
      used for the normal text.  HMan*Hyper*selectColor: (default "blue")
      the color used to select text.  HMan*Hyper*margin: (integer, default
      10) the text margins.  And the usual Motif resources.

      man(1), nroff(1), troff(1), whatis(1)

      If the man command split a reference over two lines, hman does not
      recognize it.  hman was only tested on a Sun.

      Baudouin Raoult ( October 91, with the help of
      XDesigner 1.2

      There is no warranty for this program.  hman is in the public domain.

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