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Package Name Description
Geomview-1.6.1An interactive geometry viewing program
ImageMagick- X11 package for display and manipulation of images
ImageMagick- X11 package for display and manipulation of images
RasMol-2.6b2Molecular graphics visualisation tool for X11
XBrowse-3.3.11An image browsing tool that works over the Internet
fract-1.0A program to create fractal images
gifsicle-1.67A gif viewer and modifier package
gifsicle-1.88A gif viewer and modifier package
gifsicle-1.90A gif viewer and modifier package
gpetview-1.10bGtk based Analyze format image viewer
hman-1.01Motif-based Hypertext-like manual page browser
levcon-1.0bA level connector for transforming image depths
libmikmod-3.1.11A portable sound library for Unix
maplay-1.3bAn MPEG audio player
mikmod-3.1.6A player for digital music
mpeg2play-1.1bA player for MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video bitstreams
mpeg_play-2.4Mpeg viewer for X-windows
mtv-1.2A raytracer for development and experimentation
pixmon-0.3A simple pixel monitor for X11
povray-3.1Persistence of Vision Raytracer
rman-3.2RosettaMan (RMAN) is a filter for UNIX manual pages
sim-0.04A simple 3d distributed virtual world
sims-0.01Server for sim, a 3d virtual world
spd-3.6Standard Procedural Databases are ray tracing test images
tnimage-3.2.8A scientific image analysis program
vcg-1.30.r3.17VCG creates and visualises VCG specifications
x3d-2.23D object viewer
xanim-2.80.1This is an animation viewer that supports multiple formats
xbmbrowser-5.1View and manage X11 bitmap or Xpm pixmap files
xcolorsel-1.1aDisplay the contents of RGB text files in an X window
xdart-1.0A raytracing demon to view ART format files
xephem-3.4Motif-based interactive astronomical ephemeris
xfbrows-2.1X11 font browser with a simple Mac-style user interface
xflick-1.00FLI animation viewer
xfontbrowser-1.0A sample Athena based font browser
xgas-1.0Animated simulation of an ideal gas
xgif-1.2A program that displays GIF images on X11 displays
xguide-1.11bViewer for Project Galactic Guide articles
xli-1.16Displays bitmap images in a window or on the background
xloadimage-4.1Display bitmap images in a window or on the background
xlyap-1.0Display an array of Lyapunov exponents graphically
xmakemol-4.41Viewer for atomic and molecular systems
xman-3.1.6X11-based manual page reader
xmedcon-0.13.0Medical Image Conversion Utility for nuclear medicine
xmedcon-0.14.1Medical Image Conversion Utility for nuclear medicine
xmgf-2.4Motif-based 3D interactive gf object viewer
xmms-1.2.11The X Multimedia system for Unix
xmotd-1.15Message Of The Day browser for X11
xp-1.1Display a file in an X window
xrt-1.01Display one or more text files in the root window
xshowgif-1.0This program displays GIF files in an X11 Window
xsky-2.01View the sky and create customised star charts
xslideshow-2.0Xslideshow is an image processing and display program
xtem-8.09A TeX menu for the X Window System
xviewgl-1.1This is an X11-based viewer for GRASP libraries