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Package Name Description
Cmap-1.2An X toolkit widget to display colourmap entries
EZWGL-1.39The EZ widget and graphics library
Fl_Envelope-1.1FLTK graphical Envelope widget
Fl_Knob-1.00A potentiometer knob for FLTK programmers
GUIFB-1.7A nice set of replacement widgets
Hdial-1.0A programmers dial widget and library
ImageV-1.1Another Widget contribution from John L
ListTree-2.0ListTree is a small list widget
ProgMeter-0.1A progress meter widget form Motif programmers
Progress-1.0A widget to show if a task is complete
SmartMB-1.3This is the xmSmartMessageBoxWidget
Tab-1.1A container widget with tab labels
TextField-1.0A low resource single line text input widget
Toolbar-1.1A widget derived from XmManager widget class
Xaw3d-1.53D widget set based on R6 Athena Widgets
Xaw3d-1.5E3D widget set based on R6 Athena Widgets
Xbae-4.9.1XbaeMatrix and XbaeCaption Motif widgets
Xc-1.3The Control Panel Widget Set for X11
Xgame-1.0An X11 game programming toolkit
XmHTML-1.1.0A Motif widget capable of displaying HTML documents
Xmt-3.0A superbe Motif Tools Library
Xo-2.1The Open Widget Set for X11
Xraw-1.3.1A remake of the well-known Athena widget set
adie-0.99.193The Advanced Interactive FOX based Editor
fox-1.6.49A C++ based Toolkit for developing GUIs
fox-1.6.54A C++ based Toolkit for developing GUIs
fox-1.6.57A C++ based Toolkit for developing GUIs
fwf-4.0The Free Widget Foundation Widgets
knvas-1.9.8Knvas is a MOTIF Canvas Widget
lesstif-0.95.2The freely available Motif clone
libsx-1.1The simple X library
libwmf- Metafile wmf format converter
lxb-0.5A port of the Linux X/Motif GUI builder
neXtaw-0.15.1A replacement library for the Athena widget set
plot_widgets-1.1A collection of six Motif widgets for graphing and plotting
plotter-6.0pl7This is the AthenaTools Plotter Widget Set
urt-3.1bThe Utah Raster Toolkit
vogle-3.0A device portable graphics library for programmers
vtwidget-1.3The Motif VT Widget system and applications
wbuild-3.3A tool for the X11 widget writer
xforms-1.0.93sp1A GUI toolkit based on Xlib for X Window Systems
xforms-1.2.4A GUI toolkit based on Xlib for X Window Systems
xpip-2.2Quickly construct GUI in an X-Windows environment
xtent-3.2A prototyping language for creating X Toolkit applications