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This is an X11 version of xperfmon that runs on HP-UX systems correctly.
All of the host specific changes I made were put within #ifdef's, so this
code should still compile and run on non-HP systems.  The changes I made
	1. Changed the nlist symbol from _maxfree to _maxmem to get the
	   proper amount of free memory displayed.
	2. Changed part of window.c to handle the command line options -fg,
	   -bg, and -bd, which were not handled correctly, (i.e. they didn't
	   work).  The source also seems to have intended to use the option 
	   -hl (highlight color) but I can't seem to figure out how it was
           supposed to be used, so I haven't worked on that part of the code.
	3. Added code that prevented the routine shift_graph from rescaling
	   CPU percentages (i.e. the graph is always in the range of 0 to 100
	   percent.)  If you like this option, compile with NO_RESCALE defined.
	4. Added #ifdef's to handle the s800.
	5. Added code to read the $HOME/.Xdefaults file.
	6. Fixed several small bugs.
        7. Updated the man page to document new functionality.

I should note that many of the modifications I made that were not related to
X11 were lifted right out of the ivoperfmon source.  Without that as a 
reference on kernel hacking, I would have never gotten this to work.