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$Id: README,v 1.7 2001/06/02 10:56:02 rsmith Exp $

This is the README file for xnetload 1.11.0 for Linux.

This program displays network traffic and uptime for the network connection
named on the command line. It was originally written it to monitor dial-up
connections. It requires the /proc file system!

New versions
New versions of this program are allways available first on the homepage:

On this web-page you'll also find an md5sum of the source package.  Run
`md5sum xnetload-1.11.0.tar.gz' and compare the output with the number found
on the web-page. If the numbers differ, the source package was either
mauled during download (use binary download if you're ftp-ing) or altered.

The distribution should contain the following files:
COPYING         GNU General Public License.
Makefile        Makefile for GNU make.
README          :-)
CHANGELOG       Changes between different versions.
XNetload        Application defaults file for xnetload.
xnetload.1      Manual page.
depend          Dependency information for the compiler.
data.c          Data-collecting code.
data.h          Header for data collecting code.
x11-ui.c        Xt/Xaw user interface code.

Building and installing the program
- To build the program invoke 'make'. The default is to build a debugging
  binary. You can do a 'strip xnetload' before 'make install' or you can
  uncomment the second set of CFLAGS and LFLAGS for a optimized and
  stripped binary. 
- To install the program, invoke 'make install' *as root*.
- Optionally, edit the application-defaults file (XNetload), and copy it
  (as root) to a place where X can find it. Usually a "app-defaults" 
  directory in the X directory tree. On my system it is the
  /var/X11R6/lib/app-defaults/ directory.

If you don't like it, login as root, change to the source directory and run
'make uninstall'. After that you can remove the source tree.

Contacting the author
For questions, remarks and bug reports about the source release contact
the author at the following addresses.

snail-mail: R.F. Smith
            Dr. Hermansweg 36
            5624 HR Eindhoven
            The Netherlands

The author only release source code packages. This is the best way to work
around library versions and related difficulties. (It also means that other
people, using the source, can find bugs :-) If you want to build a binary
package, by all means do so, but please identify it as your doing and