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      xnet - X-Net (Version 1.2)


      xnet lets you do about the same thing as traceroute except with a
      little graphic display of the connections.  Doesn't do any net
      statistics or anything, just a network drawing.  Unfortunately (or
      maybe fortunately) the program has to be run as root in order to open
      the RAW socket it needs.  The program will change back to it's
      original UID if running as a SUID root program (after opening what it
      needs) for a bit of security.

      Type in the name of the machine you wish to trace a route too, then
      hit return or press the 'Trace' button.  Note that the creation of
      multiple routes to (and through) some nodes is a feature and not a
      flaw ... we are using a network ... not a tree.  If you press Button1
      on the little thing that you enter the text on ... it will erase
      everything in the object.

      It would be nice if you could use the graphics display of the network
      to selectively route packets ... would also be nice if the program
      gathered timing statistics ... would also be good if you could
      selectively use ip timestamping when available.

      traceroute, 'X' man pages

      Copyright 1992, Naval Research Lab, Washington DC Computer Security
      Office (202)404-8241

      Jeff Humphrey -> Locus Inc, Alexandria VA (703)960-1000

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