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/*                            xmove
 *                            -----
 *             A Pseudoserver For Client Mobility
 *   Copyright (c) 1994         Ethan Solomita
 *   The X Consortium, and any party obtaining a copy of these files from
 *   the X Consortium, directly or indirectly, is granted, free of charge, a
 *   full and unrestricted irrevocable, world-wide, paid up, royalty-free,
 *   nonexclusive right and license to deal in this software and
 *   documentation files (the "Software"), including without limitation the
 *   rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense,
 *   and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons who receive
 *   copies from any such party to do so.  This license includes without
 *   limitation a license to do the foregoing actions under any patents of
 *   the party supplying this software to the X Consortium.

	Installing xmove is fairly straightforward, it's the
library that can be a catch. The Imakefile in this directory must
be edited for your system. It contains a few questions at the
beginning, along with explanatory comments. Make sure you set the
values appropriately.

	The bulk of the xmove source code should be generic
enough that it can compile on most systems. It uses sockets for
client/server communications. Building xmove also requires a
properly configured Imake.

	To compile xmove:

$ cd xmove
$ xmkmf
$ make

	This should create the xmove executable. If you chose to
load libraries dynamically, you should ensure that xmove is
successfully finding its library. After building the library, run
xmove. Make certain that it says "Loaded mapping library
<filename>" If not, xmove is not finding its library. Make certain
xmove's Imakefile has the full path to the library's directory.

	If you are not loading the library dynamically, the
standard libatommap library source code will be compiled
statically into xmove. The disadvantage is that, with this
configuration, you will be unable to use future libraries by
simply placing them into xmove's library directory. However, if
you are not using a Sun workstation, this may not even be an
option as the dynamic loading of libraries via dlopen() is not
standardized between Unix platforms. To ensure maximum
compatibility between workstation configurations, do not load the
library dynamically.

	The xmove executable is standalone and can be relocated
to any directory desired.