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    Xhtmledit is a simple HTML text  editor.It  is  based  on  the  XToolkit
 Intrinsic and the Athena Widget set.

    To use this software you must first uncompress and untar the  xhtmledit-
 1.2a.tar.Z  file.  This will create a directory called xhtmledit-1.2 with a
 number of files. You should have the following files:
    xhtmledit.c - the main program.
    create.c - the widgets creation file.
    commands.c - the actions and  callback  functions  associated  with  the
    resources.c - the hardcoded resources of the editor.
    util.c - some toolkit functions used in the editor.
    transform.c - the functions used to transform the edited file in HTML or
 ISO_LATIN form.
    Imakefile - the imakefile of the editor.
    Xhtmledit - the resource file of the editor.
    xhtmledit.help_gnrl.html, accents.html, translations.html - general help
 files .
    xhtmledit.help_HTML.html , help1.html,  help2.html,  help3.html  -  HTML
 help files.

 Install  the  resource  file  Xhtmledit  in  the  /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults
 directory, or in your .Xdefaults file.

 Setup the following ressources in the resource file Xhtmledit:
    xmosaicPath     - the full path of xmosaic program that  is  running  on
 your machine.
    helpHTMLPath      -   the   full   path   of   the   HTML   help   file,
 xhtmledit.help_HTML.html. If
                      this resource is not set up in the Xhtmledit file, the
 HTML help
                      file will be the Xmosaic Help on HTML file, located on
    helpGeneralPath  -  The   full   path   of   the   general   help   file

 Compile the program in the directory xhtmledit-1.2:
    - run xmkmf command to have a Makefile generated from the Imakefile;
    - run the make command to compile the program.

 Run the program with the following command:

         xhtmledit [filename]

 where filename specifies the file that is to  be  loaded  during  start-up.
 This  is  the  file which will be edited. If no file is specified xhtmledit
 lets you load a file or create a new file after it has started up.

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