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Basically a cute little program that lets you pop up
weather for places in the US that the weather server
at Michigan knows about.  

Change the 3 lines in the Imakefile to point to the
place where the usa bitmap, the cities file and the
weather programs are.

First mouse button pops up weather for the city, second
pops up weather for the state (when the pointer is
on a city).

This is basically an x-wrapper for a perl script
that gets the weather information.  If you don't 
have Perl and can't get it, I do have a C version
of 'weather'.  And if you're not on Internet, then
you can't access the weather server and there's little
point to run this program.

The usa bitmap was derived from one posted to the
newsgroup (and converted to 
and xbm).

Tested on Sun 4/20s, SS2s, running SunOS 4.1.1,
HP300s running HP-UX 7.0, and a DECstation 3100.

Have fun and enjoy.  Send comments, critiques or whatever 

--Frank Adelstein.