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	    README for Xarchie - X11 browser interface to Archie

		George Ferguson,

			 Last Change: 5 Jul 1994

NOTE: Version 2.0.10 is an interim release to fix a few nagging bugs,
      update a few things and generally get the house in order (and
      slow the flood of email). The next release of xarchie should be
      3.0, and will support the Prospero V5 servers now online. Please
      don't email me about 3.0---when it's ready for testing and/or
      general use, you'll be the first to know. Also, xarchie has not
      yet been tested against X11R6 or updated for it.

     This is release 2.0 of xarchie -- an X browser interface to
     the Archie Internet information system.

     This software is provided as is with no warranty expressed or
     implied. I hope you find it useful, but I won't be held responsible
     for any damage that may occur from reading, compiling, installing,
     using, or even thinking about it.

     You are free to use any parts of the code that I wrote for other
     purposes. It would be nice if you could keep my name on some part of
     whatever the final product is. Parts of the code that are derived from
     the Prospero archie client are subject to their own copyright, which
     is included in "query.c" and in files that were not written by me.
     See the file "copyright.h" for details. Examples of other things
     Prospero can do are in the file "README.PROSP" in this distribution.

     The file "inet_ntoa.c" is part of the freely-redistributable BSD
     code, and is copyright (c) 1983 Regents of the University of

     The code in directory FWF for the MultiList widget and portable
     directory routines (Dir) was written by Brian Totty
     ( and is distributed by the Free Widget
     Foundation (contact This
     code is copyright 1990,1991,1992 Brian Totty. See the file
     FWF/COPYRIGHT for more details. The FileChooser widget was
     written by me based on Brian's code for FileSelector, and is
     subject to the same copyrights.

     The original standalone archie client was written by Brendan
     Kehoe, (, based on the Prospero archie client
     by Clifford Neuman, ( The file "README.FILES"
     attempts to make some sense of the lineages. It should be
     taken with a huge grain of salt.

     The archie service was conceived of and implemented by Alan Emtage
     (, Peter Deutsch (, and Bill
     Heelan ( For more information about the
     Archie service, see the manpage and then write to "".


     See the file INSTALL for installation instructions. Xarchie comes
     with a GNU Autoconf-generated configure script, and has Makefiles
     for the imake-impaired.


     See the file PROBLEMS for discussion of various often-reported
     problems. Please read this file *before* reporting a problem.


     When reporting bugs, problems, suggestions or contributions,
     please be sure to send them to the right place. I (George
     Ferguson) am really only interested in the working of the X
     interface. Brendan Kehoe is is charge of the archie clients and
     much the network stuff underlying xarchie, Cliff Neuman is in
     charge of Prospero, and Alan Emtage and the others are in charge
     of the Archie service itself. The Free Widget Foundation widgets
     are the responability of Brian Totty. Further details are given
     in the manpage.


Version 2.0.10 - 5 Jul 1994
- Interim release.
- Updated documentation to reflect status of v3.0 and X11R6.
- Fixed bug in stripping CR's during FTP (ftp.c).
- Updated server list from (
- Added default for MAXHOSTNAMELEN (hostname.c).
- Changed tildeExpand() to not modify the string its passed (tilde.c).
  Based on suggestion by <>
- Added non-blocking I/O defs for ultrix (ftp.c)
- Added non-blocking I/O defs for Intergraph (__clipper__ in ftp.c).
- Added non-blocking I/O defs for Alliant (ftp.c).
- Missing close-comment in ftp.h when <arpa/ftp.h> not found.

Version 2.0.9 - 24 Aug 1993
- Allow 200 reply for ftp CWD as well as 250 (ftp.c).
- New servers for Korea and Sweden (
- Use perror() rather than herror() in resolv.c. Hopefully this will
  allow resolv.c to compile, so then the configure test will be based
  on whether it worked or not, rather than deciding on -lresolv
  because the compile failed.
- NeXT uses BSD-style fcntl (ftp.c).

Version 2.0.8 - 27 Jul 1993
- Only call XtRemoveTimeOut() if HAVE_RANDOM or HAVE_RAND (about.c).
- New archie server for Italy (
- New archie server for Israel ( and weights (weight.c).
- Changed ftp-actions.c to not use Boolean AND of condition flags
  since either R4 XtAppAddInput() chokes on them or R4 XtRemoveInput()
  doesn't clear one of the select()-mask bits, resulting in the
  "select failed" error.
- Changes to files for sync with eventual varchie release.

Version 2.0.7 - 30 Jun 1993
- Removed extra quotes in types.c.
- Fixed setting of menu mark on Host menu (m-settings.c).
- Duplicate line for ftpStripButton.fromVert in deleted.
- Added weights for France (weight.c)
- Added weights for Germany (weight.c)
- Added new server in Switzerland (
- Added text regarding undefined symbols in OW to PROBLEMS file.
  <>, <>
- Fixes for SCO OpenDesktop 3.0 (FWF/Dir/Directory.[hc])
- Fixes for Encore Multimax (Umax 4.3)
- Added line to About panel referring to "archie-admin" address.
- Changed identifier "regexp" in FWF/Dir/RegExp.c since it conflicts
  with a library function on some platforms.
- Deleted most sample weights from since we prefer to use the
  auto-select mechanism in weight.c anyway.
- Added text to PROBLEMS file for people with NIS problems regarding
  the DISPLAY variable.

Version 2.0.6 - 7 Jun 1993
- Allow SVR4 as well as SYSV for getwd() in Director.c, FChooser.c.
- Norwegian weights added to weight.c.
- Really released to comp.sources.x -- 2.0.5 never made it...

Version 2.0.5 - 1 Jun 1993
- ISC fixes for ftp.c. Perhaps these are needed for other SYS5?
- Serious bug in archie clients vs V5 prospero server
- Released to comp.sources.x.

Version 2.0.4 - 14 May 1993
- Stupid error in about.c when neither HAVE_RANDOM nor HAVE_RAND defined.
- Added discussion of HP Xaw problems to PROBLEMS file.
- Cleaned up fchooser.c for when FILECHOOSER not defined.
- Fixed and display-x.c for when MULTILIST not defined.

Version 2.0.3 - 13 May 1993
- Add #include <sydio.h> to FD_SET_IN_* tests in and
  configure, and modify selectdefs.h (for AIX machines, methinks).
  <>, <>
- Fixed icon problems on color displays by applying the icon resources
  to realToplevel rather than toplevel in xarchie.c.
- Check for NULL return from ftpNewContext() in ftp-actions.c (happens
  when nameserver lookup fails).
- -iconic was being ignored, so remove explicit XtMapWidget() call in
- Apply tilde expansion to initial ftpLocalDir resource.
- Fix auto-scroll when more than one selection so last selection is
  visible rather than first.
- Fix fchooser.c for when FILECHOOSER not defined.
- Weights for US need ".org", some other updates to weights.c.
- Fixed syserr.c: Use HAVE_SYS_ERRLIST properly and fix comments.
- Some additions to PROBLEMS file.
- Changed the way the version number is printed (about.c, help.c).
- Changed style of the animation in the About window (in my infinite
  spare time).

     Version 2.0.2 - 28 Apr 1993
	- Change default server to That is,
	  specify alternate port. <>
	- Change constant used in ftp.h from _FTP_H to _XA_FTP_H since
	  there was a conflict with wuarchive replacement <arpa/ftp.h>.
	- Cleaned up status messages in browser.c and ftp.c.

     Version 2.0.1 - 26 Apr 1993
	- Include <stdio.h> in tilde.c to get NULL defined. Duuh.
	  Jonathan Stone <>

     Version 2.0 - 23 Apr 1993
	* Major improvements include:
	  - Multiple selections allowed in browser for use with other new
	    features (FWF MultiList widget).
	  - Ability to expand directories in browser.
	  - Real fully-integrated ftp implementation.
	  - Ability to save and reload query results, as well as print them.
	  - Ability to resort results, and sort results by user-definable
	  - Online help browser.
	  - Color resources, done so that they don't break mono displays.
	  - FWF FileSelector widget for local file operations.
	  - Makefile.dst's supplied for the imake-impaired.
	* Fixes and reconsiderations include:
	  - Did away with EzMenus, which I didn't exploit fully anyway
	    and which were causing portability problems.
	  - Did away with user-definable widget hierarchies since I
	    doubt that anyone used them and XtNameToWidget() was a
	    problem for many people. I still use it in a few places,
	    but not crucially.
	  - A fix for the crashing Text widgets, I think, and fixed the
	    query-while-querying crash bug.
	  - Browser code rewritten to isolate display dependencies, which
	    allowed the development of a Curses browser client, to be
	    released soon.
	* Major contributors for this version include:
	  - Alan Emtage (
	    Amos Shapira <>
	    - Donated code that was warped into the ftp implementation.
	  - Peter J Nilsson (
	    - Suggested the "sort by weight" feature, and donated code.
	  - Brian Totty (
	    - Allowed use of the Free Widget Foundation MultiList and
	      FileSelector widgets, in directory FWF.
	* The undauntable beta-testers (there were more, sorry if I
          missed you):
	  Amos Shapira <>
	  Jay Bourland <jayb@MATH.ColoState.EDU> (Neil J Long) (Darrell Werries)
	  Kevin O'Connor <> (Simon Leinen) (Stephen [kiwin] PALM)
	  John Howells <>
	  David Meleedy <>
	  Brendan Kehoe <> (Jaye Mathisen) (John Cullen)
	  Lee M J McLoughlin <> (David Wojtowicz)
	  Larry W. Virden, x2487 (
	* Reports of problems/wishes with 1.3, some of which made it 2.0:
 	  Jonathan I. Kamens (jik@pit-manager.MIT.EDU)
	  Lauren Weinstein (
	  Larry W. Virden, x2487 (
	  Stephen Malowany (
	  Thomas A Peterson (
	  Joachim Schrod (
	  Marshal Linfoot (
	  Paul Close (
	  Bill Silvert (
	  Michael Wojcik (
	  Anthony J. Persechini (
	  G|ran Uddeborg (
	  Jim Watt (jimw@PE-Nelson.COM)
	  Theo Vosse (
	  David N. Blank-Edelman (
	  Warren R Carithers (
	  Mike Szloh (
	  David Meleedy (
	  Jonathan Stone (
	  Marc E. Fiuczynski (
	  Peter K. Campbell (
	  Christopher T Hubbard (
	  John Keener (
	  Dave Brennan (
	  William Stephen Kish (
	  Kevin O'Connor (
	  Tim Auckland (

     Version 1.3 - 12 Nov 1991
	- Separated EzMenu widget creation from others by adding .menus
	  resource and slightly changing initWidgets() in xarchie.c. This
	  hopefully prevents those annoying core dumps under old or otherwise
	  strange version of X. Also renamed the "hostText" on the Settings
	  form to "setHostText" again in hopes of avoiding the problem.
	- Added to hostMenu and made it the default elsewhere.
	- "-debug" formerly didn't want an argument -- fixed.
	- Made dirsend() asynchronous by restructuring it, so xarchie will
	  now refresh and can be interrupted during queries. Added "Abort"
	  button to interrupt queries.
	- Removed comments about gcc from this file and the Imakefile since
	  it's handled automatically in dirsend.c using SUN_GNU_FIX.
	- From the TODO file: Fixed default-settings() action so it uses
	  as defaults the values of the application resources when xarchie
	  starts up.
	- Added confirmation of quitting and -expert flag (and expert
	  resource) to avoid it if desired.
	- Tweaked resources for better layout, better resizing, etc, etc.
	- From:
	  - Updated man page and added Bill Heelan acknowledgement.
	- From:
	  - Added "save-to-file()" action.
	- From: Dennis Shiao <>
	  - ftp.c called alert0() rather than alert1().
	- From: Lee M J McLoughlin <>
	  - Added to hostMenu
	- From: Amos Shapira <>
	  - Added to hostMenu.
	- From: (Brendan Kehoe)
	  - Changes to many files from the "archie" distribution, including
	    more portable #includes and Prospero warning message handling.
	    Includes new file perrmesg.c.
	  - Provide udp.c to test whether UDP traffic is enabled.
	- From (Clifford Neuman)
	  - Changed dirsend.c to compare connection id's rather than
	    hostnames, based on an observation from Lee McLoughlin,
	    among other Prospero stuff.

     Version 1.2 - 12 Sep 1991
	- Changed LowerCase() in types.c (from Xt manual example) to
	  XmuCopyISOLatin1Lowered() since the former was not always
	  compiled into X.
	- Added resources "ftpDir" and "ftpType" and corresponding items
	  on the Settings panel so the ftp service is a bit better.
	- From: (Nick Beser)
	  - Fixed regex support in Imakefile. Added regex.h which is included
	    by support.c and actions.c.
	- From: Greg Lindahl <gl8f@fermi.clas.Virginia.EDU>)
	  - Changed strcasecmp() in types.c to XmuCompareISOLatin1() since
	    some systems don't have the former.
	  - Changed two leftover instances of isspace() to ISSPACE() in
	- From: "(Simon Leinen)" <>
	   and: Alan B Clegg <>
	  - Changed some widget names in resource file since the Settings
	    form wasn't being laid out correctly.

     Version 1.1 - 4 Sep 1991
	Released to comp.sources.x.