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X11/Networking Category

Package Name Description
deskmenu-1.3.0The deskmenu for the oroborus window manager
ms-0.07A programme to calculate Mandlebrots in parallel
x3270-3.2An IBM 3270 terminal emulator for X windows
xarchie-2.0.10Xarchie - an X11 interface to the Archie databases
xconvers-0.7A client for CONVERS an IRC like server
xfax-2.13X11 Frontend for efax and Hylafax
xferstats-2.16A program to reveal your wuftpd logs in full
xforecast-1.3Program to report weather conditions in USA
xgetit-1.0X prog that uses FTP to get file selected
xhtmle-1.2aA simple Athena text editor with HTML support
xip-1.3.0Prog to display IP packets using X windows
xipdump-1.5.4X windows tool to display IP packets
xmove-2.0b2A Pseudoserver For Client Mobility
xnet-1.2This program is similar to Traceroute
xnetload-1.11.1Displays the load averages of machines on a local network
xperfmon-2.8HP-UX version of xperfmon
xquote-2.0WWW stock quote retrieval tool
xwatchwin-1.1.1Watch a window on another X server
xwhois-0.4.2Query tool for the whois service
xwhom-1.0A simple X-hack to list users on the system