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X11/Misc Category

Package Name Description
Gridbox-1.0Widget to arrange children in a configurable grid
Xbaelin- patched version of Xbae that supports cell widgets
Xf_Panel-0.1An icon bar to start programs similar to Goodstuff
XtQuran-1.0M H Shakirs translation of the Holy Quran
delay-1.4Implements a delay with feedback to the user
funexec-1.0Funexec is an application launcher program
genray-1.0A simple generic raytracer to create tiff or ppm images
halo-1.0Start and manage X programs session manager light
ib-1.1Tool to help programmers build and maintain Imakefiles
karalin-0.1A Motif port of the KARADOS Karaoke player
libdnd-1.1The Drag and Drop protocol library
mxterm_color-5.pl26A terminal emulator for X with Motif support
nxhelp-2.0General help facility that can be added to Motif programs
nxutils-2.0Useful convenience functions for Motif programmers
restwatch-1.2Monitor Key and Mouse activity
x11perf-1.5.4X11 server performance test program
x11perf-1.6.0X11 server performance test program
x11perf-1.6.1X11 server performance test program
xacc-1.0.18Program to keep track of your finances
xcb-2.3iShows and allows use of the X server cut and paste buffers
xdtree-2.2Displays directory tree structures using Motif
xdu-3.1Display the output of du in an X window
xfile-1.0An X11 utility for making lists of filenames
xfinans-5.9A personal finance program for X11
xkeycaps-2.46Graphically displays and edits the keyboard mapping
xlatex-3.3cProgram to facilitate the use of TeX processing commands
xless-1.7File browsing program for X
xlrem-1.0Displays messages in a Motif dialog
xmcd-2.5Plays audio CDs on a CD ROM drive using a Motif interface
xmemos-0.1.0A neat little notepad using xforms
xmfract-1.4A freeware fractal generation program for Motif
xmub-1.0A Library to simplifies the definition of X resources
xmx-1.0An X protocol multiplexor
xnotify-1.0Pop up a message on one or multiple displays
xpdf-3.03A viewer for Portable Document Format (PDF) files
xpdf-3.04A viewer for Portable Document Format (PDF) files
xpick-1.1Allows user to pick arguments to a command via an X window
xprompt-1.4Displays a window and prompts for a response
xprop-1.00Displays the window or font properties of an X session
xspread-3.1.1A public domain X windows spreadsheet
xtar-1.5b2Motif/X windows tar file viewer
xtoolwait-1.3Utility to decrease the startup time of an X session
xvertext-5.0Library of functions for rotating text in an X window
xwindiff-1.0An excellent diff utility for X11
xwit-1.0An X lib interface tool for adjusting windows
xxHash-0.8.0An extremely fast hash library running at RAM speed limits
xxHash-0.8.1An extremely fast hash library running at RAM speed limits
xzip-1.8.1A Z-machine code interpreter for x