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   xsnap is a program that allows one to interactively take a "snapshot" of a
   region of the screen.  This snapshot is then saved to a window. I've found
   it useful for such things as comparing a window's "before and after"
   pictures when debugging graphics code, and quicker than using xwd and xwud
   when there's no other reason to save a window to a file.  However, it does
   eat up server memory, since it creates a pixmap for each snapshot.

   It also illustrates how one can have a user interactively specify a region
   of the screen or of a window using rubberbanding. The code for doing so is
   pretty self-contained and, if one is interested, it should be pretty easy
   to rip it out and use it in something else.
   As with all free code: no warranty, any shape, any color.

                           -- Clauss Strauch
		       uucp:  ...!harvard!!cbs

  xsnap has been renamed to asnap by Bill Janssen who has added code to allow
  saving the snapped image in "xwd" and "ATK raster" formats and specifying
  the region to snap in args rather than interactively.

   Bill Janssen
   Xerox Palo Alto Research Center

  Then Arnaud Le Hors fixed asnap code to handle correctly the region option,
  added code to allow saving the snapped image in XPM format, and renamed it
  to xsnap as originaly.

   Arnaud LE HORS
   BULL Research FRANCE -- Koala Project


   Edit the Imakefile to set XPM_INCLUDES, XPMLIB variables to whatever fits
   to your environment.
   DEFINES is set by default to -DATK -DXPM in order to compile with atk
   and xpm features but can be redefined as you want.

   The last version of XPM can always be found by ftp in contrib on and in pub on