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 XSNAP(1)                                                           XSNAP(1)

      xsnap - Take a snapshot of a region of the screen

      xsnap [-display displayname] [-bd border] [-bw borderwidth]  [-geometry
      geometry]  [-icongeometry icongeometry] [-region geometry] [-iconic] [-
      nograb] [-atk] [-xwd] [-xpm] [-file filename] [-noshow] [-name name]

      The xsnap program allows one to take a snapshot of a specified  region
      of the screen.  If xsnap is run without a region being specified,  the
      user is prompted to interactively drag one out  with  the  mouse.   In
      this case, pressing button 1 will select one corner of the region, and
      an opposite corner will be selected upon the release of button 1.    A
      window  whose  contents  are  a  copy  of this region is then created.
      Pressing "Q", "q", or "^C" in this  window will exit the program.  The
      region  may  also  be  stored to a file for later use.  Note that this
      program is a variant of the original xsnap program.

      -display display
              Specifies  the  display  to  use  for  both   specifying   and
              displaying the region.

      -bd border
              Border color of snapshot window.  Defaults to white.

      -bw border width
              Border width of snapshot window.  Defaults to 2.

      -geometry geom
              Geometry of snapshot window.

      -icongeometry geom
              Geometry of icon.

      -iconic If specified, snapshot window will start up in iconic state.

      -nograb Do not grab the server during specification of region.

      -atk    Store the pixmap as an Andrew Toolkit  raster  object  to  the
              output.  Convert color to monochrome.

      -xwd    Store the pixmap in X window dump format to the output.

      -xpm    Store the pixmap in X PixMap format to the output.

      -file filename
              Store the output  in  the  file  filename.   Overwrite  if  it
              already exists.

                                    - 1 -           Formatted:  July 2, 2022

 XSNAP(1)                                                           XSNAP(1)

      -noshow Do not display the pixmap in a window.  (Useful with  -atk  or

      -name name
              Name for icon to be passed to window manager.

      -region geom
              The size and  location on the  screen  of  the  region  to  be

      No support for colormaps.
      Incorrect behavior may result on  displays  that  support  windows  of
      different depths.
      Since it creates a pixmap for each snapshot,  it can  chew  up  server
      memory very fast.
      The icongeometry option  doesn't know about icon sizes.

      Original version: Clauss Strauch
                        Engineering Design Research Center
                        Carnegie Mellon University

      asnap version (xwd, atk, region options added):
                        Bill Janssen
                        Xerox Palo Alto Research Center

      last version (region option fixed, xpm option added):
                        Arnaud Le Hors
                        Bull Research France

                                    - 2 -           Formatted:  July 2, 2022