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 XFORGE(1)                     Xforge Project                      XFORGE(1)
                               05 January 2001

      xforge - X wave editor

      xforge [-toolkitoption ...] [-B dspbuf] [-D dspdev] [name ...]

      The xforge program is an audio wave editor for the X Window System.
      It uses the Motif widgets.

      Xforge supports Sun audio, Microsoft RIFF/RIFX, Mac/SGI AIFF and
      AIFF-C and raw (headerless) wave formats.

      Note that this man page does not attempt to document the program.

      Xforge accepts all of the standard X Toolkit command line options as
      well as the following:

      -B dspbuf
              Set the audio buffer size to dspbuf. The default is 8192
              bytes, unless changed by compile time option.

      -D dspdev
              This causes xforge to use dspdev as sound output device. The
              default is /dev/dsp, unless changed by compile time option.
              Rest of the command line arguments are treated as file names
              to open at startup.

      Certainly many. If you catch some, please let us know.

      The Xforge project. Currently, that is:

      Pekka Honkanen <>

      Xforge has nothing to do with Helsinki University of Technology.

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