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 xdefmap(1)                     X Version 11                      xdefmap(1)
                                2nd April 96

      xdefmap - enhanced X standard colormap utility

      xdefmap [-display host:dpy] options

      xdefmap is a tool similar to xstdcmap. It's main purpose is to install
      or delete standard colormaps. In contrast to xstdcmap, the main idea
      in this tool is to install maps that consist of read-only pixels into
      the default (pseudo) colormap of the display. It is also possible to
      arbitrary define the sizes of those maps.

      There is also an easy method to create XCMS-database files so that
      even applications that don't yet know anything of standard colormaps,
      can share the pixels.

      Additionaly there are some information functions contained in the
      program to give the color administrator :-) full control over it's

      The option are therefore separated into the following subsections:

      -best       make the RGB_BEST_MAP

      -default    make the RGB_DEFAULT_MAP

      -gray       make the RGB_GRAY_MAP

      -red        make the RGB_RED_MAP

      -green      make the RGB_GREEN_MAP

      -blue       make the RGB_BLUE_MAP

      -s <n>      select the number of intensities for the desired map.
                  Allocates <n>x<n>x<n> colors, when best or default map are

      <r><g><b>   select a special colordistribution for best and default
                  maps, so that <r>x<g>x<b> colors have to be allocated

      -delete <map>
                  delete the selected map

      -top, -right, bottom, -left
           create an information window with the current color palette at
           the desired edge of the screen.

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 xdefmap(1)                     X Version 11                      xdefmap(1)
                                2nd April 96

           hide the information window

      -s <n>
           sets width or height of the information window to n pixels

      -set [<color1> <color2>]
           visualize unused colors in the information window by temporary
           setting the unallocated pixels

           allocate all unused cells and keep them allocated to check the
           handling of other applications, when there are no more cells

           looks up rgb-values for the colornames entered from stdin and
           creates a XCMSDB-file containing the closest entries found in the
           installed colormaps for those colors

      -parse [<rgb-file>]
           parses a file in the format of the rgb.txt-file (default:
           /usr/lib/X11/rgb.txt) and create a XCMSDB-file with all entries.

      -f <filename>
           write XCMSDB-file to <filename> instead of writing to stdout

      -stdmap <ppmfile>
           write colorinformation of installed colormaps into a file in
           ppm-format to be used as map-file in ppmquant(1)

      -map <ppmfile>
           write colorinformation of all shared colors into a file in ppm-
           format to be used as map-file in ppmquant(1)

      -q   query information about the current usage of color cells and
           standard colormaps

      -v   be verbose, e.g. give information about pixels, that couldn't be
           allocated read-only when installing a map.

      xdefmap -best 443 -v
           Install RGB_BEST_MAP with the size 4x4x3 = 48 colors and check,
           if there were many duplicates, so that read/write colors had to
           be used.

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 xdefmap(1)                     X Version 11                      xdefmap(1)
                                2nd April 96

      xdefmap -red 16
           install RGB_RED_MAP with 16 intensities

      xdefmap -best -parse > Xcms.txt
           transform the whole rgb.txt-file into a XCMSDB-database with
           alias names to get the closest color in the best map. The file
           can be used by letting the XCMSDB environment variable point to
           it. In that way all allocations with standard names (not rgb-
           names) will point into the standard map.

      xdefmap -set green red
           preset all unallocated entries with a colorbow from green to red.


      X(1), xstdcmap(1), XGetRGBColormaps(3), ppm(1), ppmquant(1),

      The program is currently only designed for displays with an pseudo-
      color default visual with 256 colors.

      Installing standard colormaps in separate colormaps is not handled.

      There is a discrepancy between the defininition of gray-maps (where
      only reds should be used) and the implementation in xstdcmap. Since
      xstdcmap approach helps the application (and ImageMagick is the only
      package that I currently have to test it) I also implemented the
      xstdcmap way, but another option might be a better way.

      As a special feature, BEST and DEFAULT map can share their pixels, if
      they are defined with the same sizes. This colormap twin can not
      correctly be deleted by xstdcmap, since only one of the 2 maps really
      has the colors reserved.

      Copyright 1995, Helmut Hoenig, Heiligenhaus/Bad Camberg

      email (for any comments):

      smail (for gifts):
              Helmut Hoenig
              Hopfenstrasse 8a
              65520 Bad Camberg

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 xdefmap(1)                     X Version 11                      xdefmap(1)
                                2nd April 96

      Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software for any
      purpose and without fee is hereby granted, provided that the above
      copyright notice appear in all copies.

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