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Release notes for XPaint 2.5.1

NOTE: This version of XPaint is released and maintained by Torsten Martinsen
( It is based on XPaint 2.1.1, which was written by
David Koblas. Please do NOT send bug reports etc. to David Koblas.

To compile this program, you will need:

	- an ANSI C compiler (such as GCC),
	- the Xpm library, version 3.4c or later

To compile with support for TIFF images, you must have the TIFF library,
version 3.2 or later. 

To compile with support for JPEG images, you must have version 6 of the JPEG
library from The Independent JPEG Group, released 2-Aug-95. Newer versions
should also work.

To compile with support for PNG images, you must have the PNG library, version
1.0.88 or higher.

The TIFF/JPEG/PNG libraries can be downloaded from{tiff,jpeg,png}. 
libpng requires zlib, which is also in the png subdirectory.

XPaint is known to have been succesfully built on the following platforms:
	- Linux 2.0.18, XFree86 3.1.2, GCC 2.7.2
	- Solaris 2.4, 2.5
	- SunOS 4.1, 4.1.4
	- FreeBSD, NetBSD, BSD386
	- DEC Alpha, native cc
	- AIX
	- SGI IRIX-6.2

Any feedback on problems is welcome, but remember to include the following in
your bug report:
	- The version number of XPaint
	- The system you are using (e.g. 'Linux 1.3.14', 'Solaris 2.4')

See 'INSTALL' for installation instructions.

See 'Doc/CHANGES' for a list of changes relative to XPaint 2.1.1.

See 'Doc/Operator.doc' for a description of XPaint internals.

See 'Doc/sample.Xdefaults' for an example of setting resources for XPaint.

See 'README.old' for the original README.

See 'README.PNG' for notes on the PNG support.

See 'TODO' for a list of possible improvements.

See 'Doc/CREDITS' for a list of people who have contributed patches and bug

The most recent version of XPaint is always available from

Thanks to the many beta testers who put up with the first buggy releases.


The 'Transparent Brush' tool does not work well on colour mapped visuals with
256 colours. The reasons are:
	1) It is too slow. This could perhaps be fixed.
	2) All entries in the colour map are used up in rather quickly.
	3) The limited number of colours give rise to round-off errors
	   when computing the new pixel colours.

Undo/Redo exhibits some weirdness in certain circumstances.

Selecting a region enables the 'Last Filter' menu item.

-Torsten Martinsen (, August 1997

The following are new due and are related to the -visual flag:
	1) DirectColor colormap is wrong.

	2) Xaw3d only works in 8 bit mode -- has a problem with
	   button = XtCreateManagedWidget(...) menu bar in menu.c
	   in anything higher than 8 bits.

	3) The smear tool fails in anything greater than 8 bit mode
	   because XPutImage in smear() in brushOp.c is failing.
	   Probably caused by depth mismatch somewhere in call
	   to smear.

-Scott D. Nelson (, August 1997