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This is libungif, a library for manipulating gif files in a manner compatible
with libgif, the gif library authored and maintainer by Eric S. Raymond.
The observant builder of this package may in fact notice that this package
is mostly Eric S. Raymond's libgif with a few changes (Please see the NEWS

Latest versions of libungif are available from sourceforge:

Building this package should be as simple as:

    gmake install

Deprecation list.  Will be removed in libungif 5.0:
* GIF_ERROR and GIF_MESSAGE are on the deprecation list as they are also
  utility helper functions rather than essential to the functioning of the
* The qprintf methods of the library are now deprecated.  Do not use 
  GifQuietPrint or GifQprintf.  These should have been pushed out into the
  utility helper library instead of sitting around in the library proper at
  the same time as the getarg functions were moved out.  Getting rid of these
  will let us get rid of our dependence on stdarg.h/varargs.h (Which a Gif
  reading library has no business requiring.)
* In the SavedImage struct: int Function will be removed.  Use
  SavedImage.ExtensionBlocks[x].Function instead.
* In gifalloc.c: MakeExtension is deprecated as well.  Use AddExtensionBlock
  instead.  (This and the previous int Function were deprecated because they
  only handle one Extension per image.  The new code handles multiple
* varargs style interface in qprintf and getarg: It's a mistake to have two
  different interfaces that depend on compile time choices between varargs
  and stdargs.  The future is to get rid of varargs style altogether.
  (Also: these are probably going strictly into the utility functions so
  the library won't have to worry about them at all.)

I have found that automake currently generates Makefile's containing some
GNUmake specific syntax.  If you're having troubles building with your
system provided make, please install GNU make and try rebuilding.

This package uses autoconf, automake, and libtool to create the configure
script, so if you need to edit the or change a makefile target
you should read the DEVELOPER file for hints on recreating the distribution
using these tools.

Good luck!
-Toshio Kuratomi <>

==== READ.ME file for giflib version 3.0:


For complete documentation on the package, point a web browser at
doc/index.html.  See the file INSTALL for instructions on how to
install and test the package.

GIFLIB has a home page at

					Eric S. Raymond