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 LIBXEARTH(3)                                                   LIBXEARTH(3)
                              February 11, 1999

      Earth - The earth widget class

      #include <Earth.h>

      extern void         XearthSetViewMag(
      Widget              self,
      float               view_mag

      extern void         XearthSetViewRot(
      Widget              self,
      float               view_rot

      extern void         XearthSetViewLat(
      Widget              self,
      float               view_lat

      extern void         XearthSetViewLon(
      Widget              self,
      float               view_lon

      extern void         XearthChildGetLatitude(
      Widget              child,
      float               *latitude

      extern void         XearthChildGetLongitude(
      Widget              child,
      float               *longitude

      extern void         XearthChildSetLatitude(
      Widget              child,
      float               latitude

      extern void         XearthChildSetLongitude(
      Widget              child,
      float               longitude

      extern int          XearthGetXY(
      Widget              self,
      float               latitude,
      float               longitude,
      Position       *xret,

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 LIBXEARTH(3)                                                    LIBXEARTH(3)
                              February 11, 1999

      Position       *yret

      Earth is the reentrant version of the well known xearth. Is is a
      constraint widget ant manages visibility of its children according
      their geographical positions.

      XearthGetXY() returns 1 if position is visible, otherwise zero.

      projType       might be mercator or orthographic.

      viewPosType    might be fixed, sunrel, or orbit.

      viewLat        is the view latitude.

      viewLon        is the view longitude.

      period         is the orbital period.

      inclin         is the orbital inclination.

      viewRot        is the view rotation.

      viewMag        is the view magnification.

      starFreq       is the star frequency,

      bigStars       displays big stars.

      day            defines the day percentage.

      night          defines the night percentage.

      terminator     see xearth.

      mono           displays the earth in monochrome (even on color

      numColors      defines the number of colors used.

      xGamma         defines the xgamma of the display.

      time           defines the unix time (time_t) of the earth.

      shiftX         defines the horizontal shift.

      shiftY         defines the vertical shift.

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 LIBXEARTH(3)                                                   LIBXEARTH(3)
                              February 11, 1999

      computeSunPos  computes the sun position.

      doShade        does a day/night rendering.

      doStars        displays stars instead of a dark space.

      doGrid         displays the position vertices.

      gridBig        displays a big grid.

      gridSmall      displays a small grid.

    Constraint resources
      latitude       defines the latitude of the child.

      longitude      defines the longitude of the child.

      To make the code reentrant and to interface correctly with the code of
      xearth (to respect the original code), We've had to create some kind
      of structures (t_map_scan_input, t_map_scan_output, etc...). The
      simplest thing is to understand well the meaning of these structures.
      Be careful, when a Resize() occurs, we have to call the correct
      reallocation methods because we've tried to limit them. By example,
      when the resource XtNtime changes, we don't realloc the rendermap nor
      the XImage (because XtNwidth and XtNheight hasn't changed).

      Not all the resources are deeply implemented (but almost all the most
      interesting ones). You have to know that there is some big problems
      with XtRfloat!!! On a 32 bit system, you can't pass them trough a
      XtSetValues and the best thing you've got to do (to be portable) is to
      pass them in using XtRString (and by example XtVaTypedArg). There is
      also another method by implementing public procedures (as in
      XawScrollbar for the thumb resource). It's what it has been done.


      XearthDrawLine() to draw lines on the earth surface. We have to find a
      way to keep a context concerning these lines to correctly redraw them
      on exposures.

      Kirk Lauritz Johnson <> - original author of
      xearth.  Martin Gall ( - widget version.

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