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 TRANSICC(1)                                                     TRANSICC(1)
                                MAY 30, 2011

      transicc - little cms ColorSpace conversion calculator.

      transicc [options] [CGATSINPUT] [CGATSOUTPUT

      lcms is a standalone CMM engine, which deals with the color
      management.  It implements a fast transformation between ICC profiles.
      transicc is a lcms ColorSpace conversion calculator.

      -b   Black point compensation.

      -c NUM
           Precalculates transform (0=Off, 1=Normal, 2=Hi-res, 3=LoRes)
           [defaults to 1].

      -d NUM
           Observer adaptation state (abs.col. only), (0..1.0, float value)
           [defaults to 0.0].

      -e   Encoded representation of numbers is not float (Option -w=use 16
           bits, Option -x=hexadecimal).

      -g   Marks out-of-gamut colors on softproof.

      -i profile
           Input profile (defaults to sRGB).

      -l   Transform by device-link profile.

      -m NUM
           SoftProof intent (0,1,2,3) [defaults to 0].

      -n   Terse output, intended for pipe usage.

      -o profile
           Output profile (defaults to sRGB).

      -q   Quantize CGATS to 8 bits.

      -s   Bounded mode.

      -t NUM
           Rendering intent
           0=Perceptual [default]
           1=Relative colorimetric
           3=Absolute colorimetric
           10=Perceptual preserving black ink

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 TRANSICC(1)                                                     TRANSICC(1)
                                MAY 30, 2011

           11=Relative colorimetric preserving black ink
           12=Saturation preserving black ink
           13=Perceptual preserving black plane
           14=Relative colorimetric preserving black plane
           15=Saturation preserving black plane

      -v verbosity
           Verbosity level, (0=None, 1=Normal, 2=High, 3=Very High)
           [defaults to 1].

      -w   Use 16 bits.

      -x   Hexadecimal.

      You can use '*Lab' and '*xyz' as built-in profiles.

      For suggestions, comments, bug reports etc. send mail to

      jpgicc(1), linkicc(1), psicc(1), tificc(1)

      This manual page was written by Shiju p. Nair <>, for
      the Debian project.

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