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		gif2png -- GIF to PNG graphics file conversion

The gif2png program converts files from the Graphic Interchange Format
to Portable Network Graphics.  It can be built under any operating
system conforming to POSIX.1-2001 and C99; this includes all modern

This distribution also supplies web2png, a Python front end for
gif2png which automagically converts entire web hierarchies (the
graphics files themselves and references to them in web pages).

Installation instructions are in the file INSTALL.  Note that the
horrible old autotools build, having become unnecessary in a world
where POSIX conformance is everywhere, has been shot and buried.  The
"build system" is now a plain Makefile.

You can test the correctness of this code with the regression-test
suite in the directory test/; this can be done with 'make check' from
the toplevel directory. While gif2png is very mature and well-tested,
the kinds of bit-level tweaking operations it does could go subtly
wrong on unusual hardware architectures.

These programs have a home site at
Look there for updates and related resources. 
See NEWS for the project history.

					Eric S. Raymond