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To anyone who acknowledges that this file is provided 
"AS IS" without any express or implied warranty:
permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this 
file for any purpose is hereby granted without fee, 
provided that the above copyright notice and this 
notice appears in all copies, and that the name of 
Hewlett-Packard Company not be used in advertising or 
publicity pertaining to distribution of the software 
without specific, written prior permission.  Hewlett-
Packard Company makes no representations about the 
suitability of this software for any purpose.

The code contained herein has been developed to help foster the use of standard
colormaps within X applications, middleware, vendor offerings and future
standardization efforts.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions
regarding this software.

    Peter Kaczowka
    HP Chelmsford MA

This directory contains directories with source code for creating and accessing
X standard colormaps.  For more information on X standard colormaps see
(starting at page 220):

    "Xlib Programming Manual for Version 11, Release 4" by Adrian Nye
    (c) 1990 O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.
    ISBN 0-937175-11-0

Each sub-directory has a README, a Makefile and a IMakefile.  The 
[I]Makefile in (this) top-level directory does a [i]make in each of 
the sub-directories.

The following are the contents of the sub-directories:

    lib        contains Xscmlib (libxscm.a), a library for accessing standard
               colormaps, particularly those created by xscm

    test       contains testxscm a test program that uses Xscmlib

    xcoloruse  contains xcoloruse, a utility to display the number of color
               cells in use in the DefaultVisual

    xscm       contains xscm, a program to create, list and delete standard