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 xscm()                                                               xscm()

      Xscm - X Standard Colour Map.

      xscm [-help] [-display <dsp>] [-default] [-best] [-gray] [-all] [-
      replace] [-delete] [-list]

      Xscm has been developed to help foster the use of standard colormaps
      within X applications, middleware, vendor offerings and future
      standardization efforts.  For more information on X standard colormaps
      see (starting at page 220):
          "Xlib Programming Manual for Version 11, Release 4" by Adrian Nye
          (c) 1990 O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.
          ISBN 0-937175-11-0

      -help Print s help and exits.

      -display <dsp> Use the X server named <dsp>

      -default Create XA_RGB_DEFAULT_MAP in the default colormap.  Uses up
      to 128 colormap slots.

      -gray Create XA_RGB_GRAY_MAP in the default colormap.  Uses up to 32
      colormap slots.

      -best Create XA_RGB_BEST_MAP, only if a TrueColor or DirectColor
      visual exists.

      -nocr Disables use of Color Recovery map; default is to use it for
      best map if present.

      -all Equivalent to '-default -gray -best'.

      -replace Replace the standard colormap if it already exists; default
      is to not replace it.

      -delete Delete rather than create the requeste standard colormaps.

      -list List info on the standard colormaps found after all other
      operations are done.

      xscm -all -replace

      xscm creates, lists or deletes standard colormaps as used by
      XGetRGBColormaps() on all screens.

      You may obtain the latest realease of xscm source via anonymous ftp

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 xscm()                                                               xscm()

      from internet host in directory pub/xscm

      Peter Kaczowka (


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