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X11/Graphics Category

Package Name Description
4va-1.21A four dimensional graphics viewer for X
CV-1.2.2Stanford Image sequence compression C software engines
Hv-1.060A GUI library for scientific applications
JPEG-1.2.1Stanford Image sequence compression C software engines
MPEG-1.2.2Stanford Image sequence compression C software engines
RALcmatch-1.0Rutherford Appleton Laboratory colour matching kit
Xscm-1.0Library for manipulating X standard colourmaps
Xtacy-1.14Xtacy is a simple graphics program for X11
availcols-1.0A small X program to interrogate your colourmap
axv-0.1Another X Image Viewer
fbm-1.2Fuzzy pixmap manipulation
fly-1.6.5A program that creates PNG images on the fly
g2-0.72An easy to use 2D graphics library
gif2png-2.5.11Converts images from gif to png
gif2png-2.5.8Converts images from gif to png
giftrans-1.12.2Convert from GIF87 to GIF89 with a transparent colour
glut-3.7The OpenGL Utility Toolkit (GLUT) distribution
gui-0.9This is the libgui library and examples
imaptool-0.9Tool for creating client-side image maps
img-1.3Img software set
jpeg-9.0.0Image de/compression package using the JPEG standard
jpeg-9.2.0Image de/compression package using the JPEG standard
lcms-1.19Portable colour management library
lcms2-2.5Little cms is a colour management library
lcms2-2.8A colour management library
libXearth-1.2The earth widget class and library
libXpm-3.5.11Package for manipulating X pixmaps
libXpm-3.5.12Package for manipulating X pixmaps
libpng-1.6.30Portable Network Graphics (PNG) library
libpng-1.6.34Portable Network Graphics (PNG) library
libpng-1.6.8Portable Network Graphics (PNG) library
libungif-4.1.4A library for manipulating GIF files
mpeg2-1.2A codec from the MPEG Software Simulation Group
mpeg_encode-1.5bMpeg video encoder
mpeg_lib-1.3.1MPEG library for decoding/dithering MPEG-1 movies
netpbm-10.6Netpbm is based on the Pbmplus package (release: 10 Dec 91)
ogre-5.01An object generator which creates 3D files for VR
pngcheck-1.99.3An undate on the checker from Alexander Lehmann
ray-2.0Simple ray tracer from RPI
tiff-4.0.3Graphics library for the manipulation of TIFF image files
tiff-4.0.8Graphics library for the manipulation of TIFF image files
xart-98.4.17Paint package based on XPaint
xcoloredit-1.2Find colour values by graphical colour mixing
xcolormap-1.0Utility to show the entries in the current colourmap
xdefmap-1.3Another enhanced X standard colourmap utility
xforge-0.2.1A graphical wave editor for Motif
xgraph-12.1Draw a graph in an X window
xicon-1.0XIcon is a conversion program for translating icons
xlockmore-5.23Locks the local X display until a password is entered
xmgr-3.01.8A data/function plotting tool for X-Windows
xmorph-18.apr.00A digital image warping program
xpgs-2.51Program to generate autostereograms
xsnap-1.2Program to take a snapshot of a window
xzgv-0.7A picture viewer for X