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Package Name Description
X11Basic-1.04A structured BASIC Interpreter for X11
ecat-7.0A library for reading Interfile and ANALYZE formats
gnuboy-1.0.1An emulator for the Game Boy handheld game console
snd-11.6A very impressive sound editor
sndlib-1.3Sound file and audio hardware handlers
sox-12.17.2Primary Sound eXchange utility for Unix
uae-0.7.6The Unix Amiga Emulator for Unix Systems
xarclock-1.0Another extension of the standard X clock widget
xcircuit-2.3.3Drawing program for circuit schematics
xfireworks-1.3Makes Japanese fireworks in the root window
xlang-0.1.8A portable programming language
xpcd-2.08X11 program for reading Photo CDs
xtrs-4.9dTRS-80 Model I Emulator in an X-Window
xvt-2.1VT100 emulator for the X window system
yudit-2.4Unicode text editor with multi language GUI