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X11/Drawing Category

Package Name Description
axis-1.5A simple two dimensional plotter
backdraw-1.1Simple, command driven drawing package
chemtool-1.1.8Program for drawing organic molecules
contour3D-3.0Draws contour plots in an X-window or in PostScript form
ginger-0.17This is an INteractive Graph EditoR
irit-6.0IRIT is a solid modeler
jslice-0.1.1It allows you to select portions of JPEG files
pcb-1.7.3Interactive PCB Layout system
pdraw-1.4Pdraw is a program for drawing 3D plots in an X window
pixmap-2.6.6A tool for creating or editing pixmaps
pixy-3.2A program to reduce the number of colours in pixmaps
plotmtv-1.4.0Fast multi-purpose plotting program for X
quickplot-0.4.4A data plotting tool for X-Windows
tgif-4.2.5An Xlib based interactive 2-D drawing tool under X11
wscrawl-2.01Motif-based multiple-display painting package
xact-1.3A handy colour editor of X Windows
xballoon-1.0Attractive Balloons move on root window
xcolrsel-1.1Colour interface to the X RGB database
xgremlin-2.0An interactive picture editor for X11 line drawings
xgrid-0.1aA program to display heightfield files
xhdg-1.1Library for hierarchical directed graphs
xmdag-1.0Motif program to draw directed graphs
xosd-0.3.0Library to display text on your root window
xpaint-2.7.0X11 colour image editing program
xpplot-2.2A quick and handy data plotting tool
xrgb-1.1Neat Red Green and Blue colour selector
xroadmaker-0.5.6A printed circuit router using GNOME
xshodou-1.11A a Japanese shodou drawing program based on Tcl/Tk
xtango-1.54This is the XTANGO algorithm animation package
zimg-5.0.0Display 2-D data of arbitrary format