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Package Name Description
Dclock-1.0A simple digital clock
WMOffix-2.4A collection of OffiX suite applications
XBanner-1.31A prog to display a nice banner using XDM
XPostitPlus-2.3New Post-it(r) notes for X
bricons-3.0A quick start up Motif utility for applications
calctool-2.4An X windows version of the popular Sun calculator
chbg-1.5Desktop background picture changer and screen-saver
cutview-1.69Allows the user to maintain multiple cut and paste buffers
dash-1.1The Athena dashboard from the X Resource
emiclock-1.0.2Animated face analogue clock for X11
eyeclock-2.0A simple clock application for X11
hxwd-1.0A huge X window dumper
icewm-1.0.4The oh so cool IceWM Window Manager
mcard-1.3Motif-based card file program
mgdiff-1.0Motif-based graphical file difference browser
minfo-1.4.1Minfo is a Motif-based info browser
moxfm-0.98A beta release file manager for X
oclock++-1.4MIT X Consortium release of the clock programme
oroborus-2.0.4The neatest, cleanest window manager on the net
rtc-2.0aA Motif based program launcher for X
toolbar-1.3aA nice program launcher for X Windows applications
toybox-1.3An icon manager that uses colour pixmaps
vtwm-5.4.6bThe Virtual Tab Window Manager for X
xalarm-3.05A powerful, interactive alarm clock for X windows
xautolock-2.1Runs a specified program after some X-Windows inactivity
xcal-4.1Calendar, alarm and notebook for X Windows
xcalc-1.15Scientific calculator for X
xcalendar-3.1Calendar with a notebook for X11
xchrono-1.0A multi-timezone, multi-face clock program for X Windows
xclipboard-1.15A utility for manipulating client selections
xcmdmenu-1.6This program puts menus up on a users X display
xcol-1.7A program to edit colour names in text files
xdaliclock-2.35A melting digital clock for X11
xdaliclock-2.43A melting digital clock for X11
xdaliclock-2.44A melting digital clock for X11
xfilter-1.0An X-based interface to the UNIX filters
xfm-1.3.2X-based file and applications manager
xinvest-2.6.9A personal finance tracking and performance tool
xldlas-0.85A GUI for doing statistical summaries
xmcalendar-1.0Motif-based calendar program
xopps-1.8.1aAn editing tool for planning and scheduling projects
xpenguins-2.2Cool little penguins walking along your windows
xplz-3.4An electronice zip code book
xrolodex-1.6Rolodex(tm) Motif-based application
xscreensaver-5.10Runs user-specified graphics demos when user is idle in X
xsession-1.1A session manager
xtrlock-1.0A very minimal X display lock program
xwhirl-1.1Screensaverlike animation of the X display