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Xwave   Version 2.0   February 4, 1991

Xwave plots a perspective projection of a plane grid oscillating in
three-space in real time.  You can select the size of the grid, a
forcing function to apply (and where to apply it), and what wave propagation
model to use.  You can display a plot of the velocity of the points in the
grid as well as the position.

The original xwave was written by Mike Friedman (
and Paul Riddle ( and posted in January 1991.
It was tested under Ultrix 4.0, HP-UX 7.0, and SunOS 4.0.3, and worked
on both X11R4 and X11R3 servers.  This version of xwave contains
significant enhancements by Jim McBeath (jimmc@hisoft.uucp), but has
only been tested on a Sun4 running X11R4.

The program works best on a risc workstation; if you have something
slower, try using the -rows and -cols command line options.
15 by 15 works pretty well on slower machines.

While the program is running, you can use the middle mouse button to move
the plot around, and the left and right mouse buttons to zoom it in and
out.  There are many single-key commands you can enter, such as the 'r'
command to toggle continuous run mode, and space to step through one

Users with color displays can specify the -stereo option.  Be sure to
have your 3-d glasses ready (if you don't have any, you can make
them out of red and blue cellophane :-).  The effect is pretty

Try the -demo switch for a quick tour (e.g. "xwave -demo 4").

There are a many more options; these are all described in the man
page.  Inquiries, bug reports, etc. should be directed to

Xwave may be freely copied and redistributed in any form, providing
the authors' names stay with the source code.  Let us know if you
like it, improve it, etc.

Original Authors:
Mike Friedman (
Paul Riddle (

Modified by:
Jim McBeath (jimmc@hisoft.uucp)

N.B.  xwave can be used with xscreensaver-1.26