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xtt - X TimeTable.

This program is mainly for students, like me, that have to try to drag
themselves away from a computer in time for lectures. It reads in your
timetable from a file ($HOME/.xtt) and displays it a day at a time.
A warning is popped up a number of minutes (default: 10) before a lecture
is due to start.

It is intended for a specific purpose, and is therefore fairly inflexible.
The offset from the hour of the lectures, the number and start time of
lectures can be changed, but they can only be on weekdays, and all last
one hour. If you want a flexible appointment system then go somewhere

Requirements, other than the obvious:
	Colour monitor (preferable)


Tested on:
	Solaris 2.4
	SunOS 4.1.4

WARNING: This is the first program I've released to the world, so there's
bound to be problems compiling it. Fix the Imakefile if you can, else just
do something like:
	gcc -O2 -c xtt.c
	gcc -o xtt xtt.o -lXpm -lXaw -lXmu -lXt -lXext -lX11
adjusting as necessary. If there's something simple I can do to improve the
Imakefile, please let me know.

Testing and Installing:
	./xtt -file example.xtt, to test it - it should use my timetable
(2nd year Comp Sci)
	cp example.xtt ~/.xtt and edit it to enter your timetable - details of the
file format are contained within.

If you happen to want to keep it, just copy it to where you want, and copy
the man page to xtt.1 in a directory in your MANPATH. Type xtt -help for
the command line options. Read the man page for more details.

Criticism, bug reports and suggestions welcome, or simply just let me
know if it works, and if you intend to use it.


Matt Chapman