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 XTT(1)                              xtt                              XTT(1)
                                 13 Jan 1995

      xtt - XTimeTable

      xtt [X-Toolkit Options...] [XTT Options]

      This program is mainly for students, like me, that have to try to drag
      themselves away from a computer in time for lectures. It reads in a
      timetable from a file (~/.xtt) and displays it in a window a day at a
      time. A warning is popped up a number of minutes before a lecture or
      appointment is due to start.

      Xtt accepts all of the standard X Toolkit command line options along
      with the additional options listed below. See X(1).

      -slots number
              This sets the number of slots or entries for each day
              (default: 9).  The tabletable file must contain exactly 5
              times this number of entries - one for each day of the week.

      -hour hour
              This is the hour digit of the time the first slot of each day
              starts (default: 9).

      -minute minutes
              This is the offset in minutes of every slot from the hour
              (default: 5 - all slots start at 5 minutes past the hour).

              Switch to 12 hour clock notation, instead of the default 24.

              This disables the warnings which popup a certain time before
              each non-empty slot is due to start.

      -warning minutes
              This defines the length of time before non-empty slots that a
              warning is given, if not disabled (default: 10).

      -file xtt_file
              This specifies a different file to be read as the timetable
              file, instead of the default ~/.xtt. This is useful to see if
              a collegue is at a lecture - if their .xtt file is readable by
              you, do: xtt ~usercode/.xtt.

              This activates reduced colour mode which is entirely black and
              white, apart from the about popup. This option is
              automatically set if the program is run on a black and white

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 XTT(1)                              xtt                              XTT(1)
                                 13 Jan 1995


      -bcol colour
              This option can be used to change the colour of all buttons.
              The default setting is "chocolate", or "white" if the -mono
              option is set.

      The file format for the timetable file is as follows:
      Lines beginning with '#' and blank lines are ignored.  There must be
      an entry for every slot of every weekday, one per line - which is 5 *
      (number of slots in a day) lines of entries. An entry beginning with
      '-' indicates an empty slot - no warning for it is given. All entries
      are of the form description/location/colour. The two rightmost
      sections can be omitted. The first two sections, description and
      location are printed in two columns, for each slot. The colour section
      specifies the background colour of that slot. To aid colouring by
      subject, if no colour is specified, all previous entries are searched
      for the same description section, and the colour of that is used.
      Therefore the colour of a subject only needs to be given once, for its
      first ocurrence in the file.

      It is intended for a specific purpose, and is therefore fairly
      inflexible.  The offset from the hour of the lectures, the number and
      start time of lectures can be changed, but they can only be on
      weekdays, and all last one hour. If you want a flexible appointment
      system then go somewhere else.

      ~/.xtt     file containing the timetable to be displayed

      Matt Chapman

      IMPORTANT: This software comes with NO warranty whatsoever. I
      therefore take no responsibility for any damages, losses or problems
      caused through use or misuse of this program.

      I hereby grant permission for this program to be freely copied and
      distributed by any means, provided that this and all other copyright
      notices remain unchanged. However, this program and all its code still
      belong to me, and I reserve the right to be identified as the author
      of it.

      Matthew Chapman. Jan 1995.

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