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Readme for XTeddy

XTeddy was originally written by Stefan Gustavson <>.
Please read the xteddy.README to learn morte about the program.
The general usage is also valid for XTeddy 2.0.

You will get the original version under
The Homepage of xteddy is under

The new XTeddy was written to get great flexibility in using any image
you want.  Not that I didn't like the original cuddly guy but he has
friends, too.  So I took some photos of my sons most loved toys and
digitized them.

To get various images included in XTeddy I decided to use Imlib
( in favour of libXpm.  So
any image format with transparency information can be used.

The new XTeddy-2.0 is available at Stefan Gustavsons server
as well as under
The sources as well as Debian packages can be found at your
nearest Debian mirror, too.

Origin of the images:
  xteddy:   Stefan Gustavson <>
  xpenguin: Alex Romosan <>
  xduck:    Hanno Mueller <>  
  xtuxxy:   Hanno Mueller <> 
            (See for further informations.)
  xorca:    Jaime E. Villate <>
            This pixmap was created to take part in the Debian logo contest.
  xalex, xbobo, xbrummi, xklitze, xnamu, xruessel:
            These dolls are the most favourite ones of my son.
	    Andreas Tille <>

Any comments and bug reports to
Andreas Tille <>