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 XTEDDY(2)                      X Version 11                       XTEDDY(2)
                               3 January 1999

      xteddy - cuddly teddy bear for your X Windows desktop.

      xteddy [ -wm -float -noquit -F<file> ]
      [ -geometry WIDTHxHEIGHT+X+Y -display SERVER ]

      Xteddy is a cuddly teddy bear for your X Windows desktop.

      Normally, xteddy just sits around doing nothing. After all, that's
      what teddy bears are for. Look at him, talk to him, place heavy
      windows on top of him, zap him around until he becomes dizzy, do what
      you like; he will always be your true (albeit virtual) friend.

      You can move xteddy with the mouse by pointing at him and dragging him
      around. When clicked upon, he will pop up on top of all other windows.
      If you type "q" on him, he will die (or, as I like to think of it, be
      tucked away in the file system until you need him next time).

      That's it. But he's cute.

      -wm  Use the window manager. Normally, xteddy sets the
           override_redirect flag for his window, which will cause most
           window managers to ignore him. However, some window managers
           might have problems coping with a window that is nailed directly
           to the root.  In that case, use this option. If possible,
           instruct your window manager not to put any title bar or window
           frame on the window, or xteddy will lose some of his charm.

           Float up on top of overlapping windows. This will make xteddy
           stay in sight at all times, so you won't lose him. However, this
           is a bit intrusive and quite unlike a real teddy bear, so it is
           not the default action.

           Disable the "quit" command (do not quit when typing "q" in the
           window, but of course still on explicit window kills or process
           kills).  This might seem an unnecessary option, but if you use
           the -wm option Xteddy might keep receiving keyboard events even
           after the mouse has left his window. I you use the -wm option in
           conjunction with a click-to-type window manager, you would
           probably want to include this option.

      -F   < file > Display another image instead of xteddy. file can be the
           full name of an image file which reasonably should contain a
           transparent background.  If there is no such file in the current
           working directory xteddy searches in
           $(installation_prefix)/share/xteddy, where $(installation_prefix)

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 XTEDDY(2)                      X Version 11                       XTEDDY(2)
                               3 January 1999

           is determined at compile time (for instance /usr/X11R6).  If this
           fails by default /usr/share/xteddy is searched.  If there is no
           such file in these directories the following appendixes where
           appended to the given name: xpm, png, tif, jpg, jpeg, gif and
           pnm.  These files will be searched in the three directories.  If
           all files the last try is to append the extensions in upper

      If no `-F` parameter is given file equals to xteddy or more precisely
      to the name of the calling program.  For instance if there is a

           ln -s xteddy xpenguin

      then file equals to xpenguin and the appropriate pixmaps with the name
      xpenguin are searched for.

      The standard X geometry specification. Only X and Y position requests
      are honored. Any height and width specifications will be ignored.

      Specify an X server other than the local display.

      Stefan Gustavson, ISY-LiTH (  Xteddy is distributed
      under the GNU General Public License.

      The Desktop Manager in Sun CDE (Common Desktop Environment) does not
      like xteddy. Xteddy by default does not use the window manager, and so
      he shows up as a sticky window on all desktops. If you don't like
      this, and try to circumvent it by running him with the -wm option,
      move him by grabbing him by the tummy instead of by the title bar, and
      then move him partly off the screen, the image is lost and never
      redrawn again, so all you see is a silhouette of a teddy bear.  I have
      no idea why this happens. If you know, please tell me, and if you can
      fix it, please do. If you run CDE on other platforms than Sun, please
      tell me if it works for you. CDE does something which xteddy does not
      handle properly, and since I have a Sun with CDE myself I would like
      to know what the problem is.

      For most X servers, the -float option does not work properly if xteddy
      is moved partially off the screen. This is the X server's fault, not

      If two copies of xteddy are placed so they overlap, and both were run
      with the -float option, the X server will try to put each on top of
      the other in an endless loop, which looks very bad and takes a lot of
      CPU power.

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 XTEDDY(2)                      X Version 11                       XTEDDY(2)
                               3 January 1999

      Xteddy does not make use of the X resource database. I just didn't get
      around to that.

      Please send bug reports, fixes, suggestions, fan mail or or hacks to:

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