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This is version 2.3 of Xtartan, a program to draw Scottish tartans.
New Capabilities:

Gif file support, using the GD library (recommend version 1.2).  Files
created are named just like the Xpm files, but with ".gif" for a suffix.

Xpm can be found on at in /contrib/libraries/xpm-3.4h.tar.gz

GD can be downloaded from url:  I do
not know of an FTP site for downloading the file.

XTartan can now install tartans onto the root window during interactive
mode.  At present, this can only happen once due to the mysterious
relationship between X Windows and Pixmaps.  I'm working on making it more

App-Default file "XTartan" does not need to be installed.  Tartans are now
embedded in as Fallback resources.  This option can be turned off in the
Imakefile.  Note, if using this feature, any OLD xtartan installation will
need to be removed.

New Tartans:
Wallace_Hunting (green), Wallace_Blue, "Mine" (based on a cotton flanel
blanket I use for a great kilt in SCA events).

To Build:

After extracting the files, edit the Imakefile to configure the location of
the xpm library and header files (or to disable xpm if you don't have it),
and to turn on VRoot if necessary, type "xmkmf" and then "make".  It has
been tested on a DECStation 5000 (Ultrix 4.3, X11R5), a DECStation 3000
(Digial Unix 3.2C, DecWindows X11R5) and an SGI Indy (Irix 5.2, X11R5; Irix
5.3, X11R6).  I do NOT suggest you run "make install" at present.

It does not require Motif, but Xpm support requires the xpm library which
can be found in (/contrib/libraries).  Vroot support requires
vroot.h, which is provided in a contrib subdirectory.  It will need to be
installed separately.

Once built, the App-Defaults file ( will need to be placed where
it can be read by the normal Xrm methods, e.g.
        $HOME/.desktop-<hostname>/XTartan (for SGI's)
        /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults/XTartan (global location for standard X)
        /usr/openwin/lib/X11/app-defaults/XTartan (global for OpenWindows)

        or some matching directory based on your X installation or
        XENVIRONMENT/XAPPLRESPATH variable values.

If using the included fallbacks option (which is the default), then you
will not need to install the App-Defaults file.

I do NOT recommend using the "xrdb -merge" option, as that can affect other
applications as well as xtartan, which may not be desired.

Version 2.2 was created by Joseph Shelby in December, 1995.
Several new capabilities were added.

The code should be MUCH more portable.  I was originally not aware of
several "BSD-isms" in the code (specifically, "bcopy", and a extern
declaration of "strrchr").  These have been replaced by the POSIX
complient methods.  All warnings from the GNU compiler have been eliminated
except for "implicit declarations".

VRoot support is available for window managers with virtual root windows.
In particular, tvtwm, swm, and ctwm use virtual roots.  vroot.shar is
provided in the contrib directory and will need to be installed separately
in some location (even just ./X11/vroot.h will suffice for building this
program).  After installing vroot.h, edit the Imakefile to turn vroot on.

Faded colors are now available.  Faded tartans can be saved using the xpm
feature, and then converted to a gif using an outside program (xv,
ImageMagic, or netpbm) to create files usable as WWW page backgrounds. See
my home page and the xtartan home page for examples. The resource "*fade"
toggles faded colors with normal, and "*fadeValue" determines the
brightness.  Faded colors can be toggled interactively, but the value is
constant once read as a resource.  Dark and Fade modes can be combined.

Xpm mode now names files better.  The default name is the tartan's name,
followed by "_dark" if in dark mode, followed by "_fade" if in fade mode,
followed by ".xpm".

The "minimum" tartan can be displayed on the screen.  If minimum is on (by
resource or by interactive mode), then the window will always be the minimum
size of the tartan (after scaling).  The window in this mode will change
when the tartan or the scaling value is changed.

A better algorithm has been implemented for setting the line width.  This
version no longer lets "background" colors leak.  The new algorithm only
lets one set the width up to 11.  Values larger than 3 still start looking
pretty bad, since it doesn't work "across the tartan".

A home page has been created.

Joseph Shelby			December 5, 1995
Autometric, Inc., Alexandria, VA (USA)
Version 2.1 was created by Joseph Shelby in 1994/1995.
Several new capabilities were added.

XTartan now allows for window managers other than mwm to allow input.  Mwm
has a bug that considers shell-widget only program to accept input.  Other
window managers like 4Dwm and fvwm ignore that window unless the "Input"
hint is added.  This version works for those two window managers and
probably twm as well.

The ability to create an Xpm3.4 file of a tartan was added.
This can be useful for creating files of tartans to use in other programs or
in odd environments such as SGI Irix 5.2 (where you can't set the root
window except by xbm/xpm files).  Hit the key "x" in the tartan window to
create an xpm file of the current tartan in the current directory.  The file
will contain the exact version from the screen, including scale, linewidth,
and "dark" factors (see below).  The filename will be the name of the

Xpm must be configured before compiling.  Edit the Imakefile and change the
directories of the Xpm headers and libraries before typing "xmkmf", or
comment the lines out if the xpm library is not available.  Xpm can be found
in  The latest version is 3.4c, found in /contrib/libraries.

A new color mode, "dark" was added.  This allows tartans to be shown in
either their brighter "ancient" colors, or in their darker "modern" colors. 
To toggle dark mode, hit "d" in the tartan's window.  To make it the
default, use the "-dark" or "-modern" command line options or change the resource file.  Xpm filenames of "dark" colors will have "_dark"
added to the end of the tartan name.  Not all tartans look good in the dark
colors, especially ones with pink in them.  I optimized the dark algorithm
(if you can call it that) for heavy blue-green patterns like MacLeod.  The
code is in "color.c". 

Joseph Shelby			January 7, 1995
Autometric, Inc., Alexandria, VA (USA)
Version 2 allows you to specify tartan information using X resources
(rather than having to compile them in as in the previous version),
so you can quite easily add your own definitions if you wish (see the
man page for details on how to do this.)  However, you probably will not
need to do this unless you are creating a new tartan, since Xtartan now
comes with the definitions for over 240 tartans included.

If you have another tartan that is not in this list that you would like
me to add, or if you have a variation or think that one of these tartans
is wrong, you must send me the thread count and the source of your
information.  Please tell me about the copyright on that source as well.

Xtartan requires its resource file to run.  If you have trouble getting it
to use the file directly, you can try "xrdb -merge" before
running xtartan.

Jim McBeath		February 11, 1991
Globetrotter Software, Saratoga, California
jimmc@hisoft.uucp (Highland Software) or