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This program animates a bunch of little line segments chasing a randomly
accelerating line segment.  The concept is simple, but the effect is pretty
cute.  By default, it comes up in a window, but it can be put in the root
window too.  In order to make it usable as a screen background, you can
alter the delay between updates, making it use very little cpu time.  One of
the reasons why it doesn't use much cpu time is that it only uses integer
arithmetic.  You can also use it as a screen saver.  Also makes a great
dessert topping.

This program has been tested successfully on a Sun's, DECstation's, HP's,
and Tektronix 4317's.

The only thing you will probably have to change in the Makefile is the
location of X include files.

Try xswarm -h for help.  Fiddle with the parameters.  You can get really
different effects!

Jeff Butterworth

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